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Donkey ecstasy

An integral part of the carnival in Tenerife is a performance entitled “Las burras de Güímar”.

At the colorful, ecstatic event, which is based on an ancient witch cult, women dress up as donkeys and join the procession.

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Photo: Alberto Valdes / EPA

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Future fashion

“Dune: Part Two” hits theaters next Thursday.

In advance, the US actress Zendaya, who plays the role of Chani in the science fiction spectacle, presented herself in full futuristic combat gear in London's Leicester Square.

Photo: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

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Discussion material

A headscarf can be so many things: a symbol of the oppression of women, protection from rain, sun or dust.

Or like this, a fashion statement.

Turkish designer Bora Aksu sent his models onto the catwalk at London Fashion Week wearing headscarves.

Photo: Tolga Akmen / EPA

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Winter gold

Spring isn't quite here yet in this country, but at the same time the fashion collections for the next dark season are already being presented.

This model that designer Alberta Ferretti presented in Milan shows that winter fashion can be soft, bright and flowing.

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo / REUTERS

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Lucky charm

The dragon is not only the focus of this painting at an art exhibition in Beijing, but it currently has a special meaning in China: the new lunar year, which is just beginning according to the Chinese calendar, is the year of the dragon.

In China, every year is named after an animal from the Chinese zodiac.

Unlike in Western countries, in China the dragon is not associated with breathing fire, danger and adventure, but is a symbol of good luck.

Photo: Andy Wong / AP

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Peach Moon

The Peachoid Water Tower in Gaffney, South Carolina.

Its tank holds around 3,785,000 liters of water.

Because of its peach shape, the 41 meter high tower is also called “Mr Peach” or “The Moon over Gaffney”.

Photo: Julia Nikhinson / AFP

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Signs of life

The German actress Luisa-Céline Gaffron wrote the names of those who died in the racist attack in Hanau on the palms of her hands.

She showed her hands visibly raised on the red carpet at the opening of the Berlinale in Berlin on February 15th.

With the campaign she wanted to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Hanau murders on February 19, 2020.

Photo: Ronny Hartmann / AFP

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Bear honor

Lupita Nyong'o walks the red carpet at the opening of the Berlinale.

A jury, headed by the “Black Panther” actress as president, will decide who will receive the bear trophies this year.

Photo: Lisi Niesner / REUTERS

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In Tokyo, visitors walk under a stock price board.

After 34 years, the Japanese stock index Nikkei has broken its record high from December 29, 1989.

Experts see the Japanese enthusiasm for artificial intelligence as the trigger for the upswing in the stock market.

Photo: Issei Kato / REUTERS

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Matter of the heart

The ball at the center of this shadow is perfect to symbolize the relationship many people have with their sports: they love them!

But the reality is less romantic: a player from the Seattle Mariners baseball team threw a ball against the wall during practice.

Photo: Lindsey Wasson / AP

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Temporary happiness

How long will this toy last?

An Afghan girl carries a snowman through the streets of Kabul.

Photo: Wakil Kohsar / AFP

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In the abyss

After heavy rain in California, houses on the panoramic road in the coastal town of Dana Point are still a little closer to the Pacific.

The aerial photo shows the consequences of a landslide on the cliff.

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / AFP

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Under the hood

30 couples celebrate their wedding together in Kashmir, India.

Such group weddings are particularly common in poorer classes, so the costs can be better distributed.

Photo: Mukhtar Khan / AP

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Frozen in retreat

Like all Alpine glaciers, the Morteratsch glacier near Pontresina in Switzerland is shrinking.

The shot from a glacier cave still gives the impression that the icy world is permanently frozen.

Photo: Gian Ehrenzeller / EPA

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Waiting for diversity

Activists, human rights activists and interested parties will attend a debate in the Greek Parliament on February 15th.

It's not just any vote: MPs have legalized same-sex marriage.

Greece is the first predominantly Christian Orthodox country to allow marriage between two women or two men.

Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki / REUTERS

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Protest break

An Indian farmer talks on the phone while his tractor is parked on the side of the road.

Thousands of farmers started a march on Delhi last week.

Among other things, they demand higher prices for their crops from the Indian government.

New elections are taking place in India in May.

Photo: Francis Mascarenhas / REUTERS

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The opposition is alive

There are flowers and a portrait of Alexei Navalny at a makeshift memorial opposite the Russian embassy in London.

The Russian opposition leader died on February 16, 2024 at the age of 47.

The circumstances of his death in a Siberian prison camp are unclear; the Kremlin authorities are keeping the body under lock and key.

Photo: Kin Cheung / dpa

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Freedom in thought

Fully veiled women are rare in Tehran's cityscape.

This is a graffiti happening in the Iranian capital that makes you dream: On March 1st, Iran will elect a new parliament.

Whether this will change the rigid and reactionary politics remains unclear.

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Photo: Abedin Taherkenareh / EPA