China News Service, Guangzhou, February 24 (Wang Jian, Gong Zhengma Tianyuan) "Water is coming!" Residents of Sanmin Island in Nansha, Guangzhou were pleasantly surprised to find on the morning of the 24th that normal water supply had been restored to their homes.

Normal water supply has been restored to Sanmin Island in Nansha.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Water Resources

  At about 5 a.m. on the 22nd, the Nansha Lixinsha Bridge (hereinafter referred to as the "Bridge") was hit by a ship, causing the bridge deck to break. The DN200 water supply pipeline laid along the bridge was completely disconnected. Nearly 10,000 residents on Sanmin Island around the bridge faced water difficulties.

  After the accident, Guangdong Water Resources immediately took multiple measures to ensure temporary water supply for residents on the island, simultaneously started emergency water supply repairs, and worked continuously for 40 hours to successfully restore the normal water supply to Sanmin Island.

  Under the guidance and deployment of relevant departments in Nansha District, Guangdong Water Resources immediately held discussions with relevant parties to determine the emergency water supply guarantee plan, and the emergency repair team quickly rushed to the scene.

  Guangdong Water Resources launched the Nanzhong Expressway emergency municipal water supply pipeline construction project in conjunction with on-site surveys. From the water supply main opening of Wanhuan West Road, an emergency pipeline of about 3 kilometers was urgently built along the bridge deck of the Nanzhong Expressway under construction to connect with Sanmin Island. of municipal water supply pipelines.

  Fifty-five emergency repair personnel of various types of work were dispatched from Changping, Qingxi, Zhongshan, Xinyi, Maoming and other places to overcome difficulties such as strong winds on the bridge deck and high-altitude hoisting, and simultaneously promoted pipe splicing on and off the bridge.

  After 40 hours of continuous fighting, the emergency water supply pipeline was laid and flushed. It was connected to the water supply supervisor of Sanmin Island at 3:30 a.m. on the 24th, and the normal water supply of Sanmin Island was restored.

Temporary water pipelines were constructed overnight.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Water Resources

  At about 8:00 on the 22nd, Guangdong Water Supply arranged 10 water trucks to rush to the Nanzhong Expressway bridge above Sanmin Island to transport water to Sanmin Island through hoses. Each village committee used water storage tanks under the bridge to collect water. Distributed uniformly.

  In order to further improve the efficiency of water delivery, Guangdong Water Resources immediately organized a crane to lift five water trucks filled with water to the ground of Sanmin Island, and directly delivered the water to emergency water points in each village.

Another five water trucks shuttle back and forth to collect water and deliver it to the bridge deck, and then use hoses to replenish the mobile water trucks on the island.

  According to statistics, as of 24:00 on the 23rd, a total of 244 water truck trips had been arranged, delivering nearly 2,700 cubic meters of water.

  Guangdong Water Resources said that in the next step, under the guidance of relevant departments, it will study and promote the construction of municipal main water supply pipelines near Lixinsha Bridge and continue to ensure the water supply of Sanmin Island.