The weather forecaster noted that the weather in Moscow and the Moscow region will be warm.

According to him, this is due to a powerful cyclone, in the warm sector of which the region is located.

“We have been in the warm sector for the third day now.

And almost until March 1, we remain in this warm sector.

Until Tuesday the weather will be cloudy with light precipitation; on Wednesday and Thursday it will be partly cloudy and without precipitation.

Tomorrow - 0...+2 °С during the day, on Monday during the day - 0...+2 °С.

On the night of the 28th, the pressure will increase and at night it can drop to -8 °C.

During the day on Wednesday - -1...+4 °С.

February 29 - -1...+4 °C, and March 1 - 0...+5 °C.

Quite warm, March weather,” shared Tsygankov.

Earlier, Alexandra Soboleva, an allergist and immunologist at the medical company SberZdorovye, told RT in an interview with RT when allergy sufferers should start preparing for the spring season.