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Military and strategic expert, Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi, confirmed that the Israeli occupation army uses artificial intelligence to identify targets, but it employs it in the negative dimension of the Gaza Strip, where it deliberately commits crimes.

Al-Duwairi’s words came in the context of his comment on the pictures obtained by Al-Jazeera from an Israeli army drone camera showing the occupation storming Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza, arresting doctors and displaced people in the hospital and stripping them of their clothes.

The pictures also show the bodies of civilians who were sniped by the occupation forces after being tracked and monitored, in addition to the shooting of a Palestinian who was trying to rescue the wounded by drones, and the bombing of a residential square in the Tal al-Zaatar area in the northern Gaza Strip.

The military and strategic expert spoke about an artificial intelligence system used in Gaza. He said that it receives information from drones, communications tracking, and tower cameras, and it was developed to track 40,000 wanted people inside Gaza, indicating that its database has become clear, so that it knows the number of people inside the building. Specific residential.

According to Al-Duwairi, the artificial intelligence system is supposed to be used to determine targets in order to reduce losses and avoid collateral damage, but the occupation is using this system to commit massacres against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. If it is a residential square with 500 people inside, for example, and it is destroyed, then it is intentionally committing crime, as he said. Al-Duwairi in his daily analytical stop on Al-Jazeera.

Commenting on the photos obtained by Al Jazeera from the Israeli drone, Al-Duwairi stressed that the Israeli occupation "targets civilians systematically and intentionally, and is committing genocide and operations against humanity."

He pointed out that the Geneva Conventions of 1949 talk about forced displacement, genocide, and the humanitarian dimension, and all of these things were committed by Israel in Gaza.

He said that what is happening in Gaza is tools to achieve the goal of forced displacement.

He also stressed that the occupation forces did not provide any evidence that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) uses hospitals and health centers for military purposes or uses them as human shields, while the occupation army - Al-Duwairi adds - has used hospitals and schools as human shields, as it stops its vehicles and tanks close to the isolation. .

Al-Duwairi concluded that the systematic destruction practiced by Israel in Gaza has no example in human history. The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed in total to 35,000 tons of explosives, while Gaza has been exposed, at a minimum, to 500 tons of explosives since October 7. Daily.

Source: Al Jazeera