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Actress Judith Godrèche calls for “action” now, after speaking publicly during the César ceremony.

“I am waiting for real measures so that actresses, actors, technicians can work in safety,” declares the actress, who filed a complaint against two directors for sexual and physical violence.

The day after her speech at the César Awards, where she denounced the "level of impunity, denial and privilege" in the cinema world regarding sexual violence, Judith Godrèche called on Saturday to "act" now.

“I am waiting for real measures so that actresses, actors, technicians can work in safety,” declared the actress in an interview with the newspaper

Le Parisien



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"For me, the next step is to surround myself with people and to think about concrete solutions. I will continue, I will not give up. Even if it is very painful, I accept the feeling of +betrayal+ in a way the big family of cinema", she continues.

“My point was: And now, let’s act!”

In a packed room on Friday evening, the 51-year-old actress, who received a standing ovation, called on the “curious family” of French cinema to “say out loud” the reality of sexist and sexual violence in this environment.

"I'm talking but I can't hear you. Where are you?" she said again.

No one had read this speech before she spoke, she assures the daily.

If she says she is "very touched by the fact that people are standing up", only the next few days will say "if it is the expression of a common feeling. (...) If it was a gesture which is not rooted in a belief and a desire that things change, then nothing will happen."

"I don't need to be covered in whipped cream, to be told that I'm understood... I want to know what we're going to do now. My point was: And now, let’s act!”, she said again.


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Complaints against two directors

To date, “those who have sent me messages can be counted on the fingers of one hand,” she confides to Le



“There is a silence that I experience day by day,” she continues, before specifying that she “discussed at length” with Justine Triet, Virginie Efira, Mona Achache and even Thomas Cailley.

Judith Godrèche filed a complaint against directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon for sexual and physical violence which dates back to her adolescence.

It will also be heard in the Senate on Thursday February 29.