China News Service, Hangzhou, February 23 (Wang Yifei, Qian Chenfei, Pan Lizhen) On the 23rd, after 4 hours of operation of the blood cell separator, Lan Jiang Tianjing, a young man from Zhejiang, successfully collected 252 ml of hematopoietic stem cell suspension in the hospital collection room. The bag of "Seeds of Life" was immediately sent to the transplant hospital to bring hope of life to a patient with a blood disease.

This is the first case of hematopoietic stem cell donation in Zhejiang Province after the Chinese New Year and the 999th case of hematopoietic stem cell donation in the province.

Lan Jiang Tianjing donated hematopoietic stem cells.

Photo by Yuan Baoqin

  Recalling the process from receiving the initial screening match notification to the successful donation, Lan Jiangtianjing felt that every step was vividly remembered.

Identical twins matched to the same patient

  "Hello! Are you Lan Jiang Tianjing/Lan Jiang Diyi? Today I received a notification from the Chinese Bone Marrow Bank, and I learned that your HLA test data of the blood sample in the bank was successfully matched with a blood disease patient. Are you willing to donate? Hematopoietic stem cells?" On November 27, 2023, his brother Lan Jiang Tianjing, who was studying in Anhui, and his brother Lan Jiang Diyi, who worked in Beijing, both received calls from the staff of the Red Cross Society of Wencheng County, Wenzhou City, informing them that they had previously entered the warehouse The blood sample and a hematology patient were successfully screened and matched at the same time.

  Lan Jiang Tianjing and his younger brother Lan Jiang Diyi are identical twins born in 1999. The HLA data between identical twins is exactly the same.

Wencheng County Red Cross staff said that when they received two almost identical preliminary screening match notifications at the same time, their first reaction was that the system had made an error. After careful inspection, they discovered that the two were actually identical twins. It is a rare fate to be matched with the same patient.

"I'm the older brother, I'll go first."

  At the moment when he received the call, Lan Jiang Tianjing suddenly felt that his small action more than three years ago had received a response and continuation.

Therefore, he agreed without hesitation.

Because the patient only needs one volunteer to donate, Lan Jiang Tianjing said that he is the elder brother and is a graduate student, so he has more time and energy than his younger brother.

  The younger brother Lan Jiangdiyi knew that his elder brother had agreed to donate, so he could only "reluctantly give up" and left the opportunity of donation to his elder brother.

He told his brother and the Red Cross staff: "If there is another chance to match next time, I will not give it to my brother again."

  In April 2020, Lan Jiang Tianjing learned that the local blood bank in Wencheng was tight, so he went to donate blood with his brother.

By chance, local Red Cross staff were on site to promote hematopoietic stem cell donation.

After learning more about donation, the two brothers did not hesitate to save blood samples and join the China Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Database (China Marrow Bank).

A special journey of luck transmission begins at this moment.

Cross-province and two-place collaborative donation

  Since Lan Jiangtianjing is still studying in Anhui, his high-resolution blood sample collection and physical examination were transferred to Anhui for academic reasons and convenience.

With the coordination of the local Red Cross Society, he successfully completed the high-resolution testing and physical examination process and successfully entered the donation process.

  Because the patient needed a transplant, Lan Jiangtianjing’s donation time was set in the first month of the year.

I was at home during the winter vacation. In order to donate as scheduled and facilitate the care of my family, with the coordination between Zhejiang and Anhui, Lan Jiang Tianjing transferred back to Zhejiang to donate.

  On February 19, accompanied by Red Cross staff, Lan Jiangtianjing arrived at the collection hospital and began a four-day mobilization injection to accelerate the generation of hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow and release them into the peripheral blood. On February 23, he officially Collect hematopoietic stem cells.

To pass on luck and love

  Talking about why he chose to donate so firmly, Lan Jiangtianjing said that on the one hand, under the influence of his parents, he and his younger brother have actively participated in public welfare undertakings and various volunteer service activities since they were young. As a member of society, they have taken the initiative to take on a social responsibility.

On the other hand, as a Communist Party member, I should take the lead in donating.

  As a graduate student whose research interests overlap with medicine, he also investigated the donation process and long-term impact of hematopoietic stem cells. “I am very grateful to my supervisor, Professor Chen, who is also very supportive of my donation because he has a background in molecular biology. So I trust him."

  "When I learned about donating hematopoietic stem cells, I thought we were identical twins, each other's lucky guardians. Fortunately, we grew up safely. Now, we are honored and happy to donate this share of hematopoietic stem cells to others. , pass this luck and love to the patient, and usher in a new miracle in his life." Lan Jiang Tianjing sent his most sincere blessings to the stranger who was about to have a "blood relationship."