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Emergency services at Wuppertal high school

Photo: Tim Oelbermann / IMAGO

The students injured in the shooting in Wuppertal are all out of danger.

A spokesman for the public prosecutor's office said this upon request.

A 17-year-old student is said to have attacked his classmates with stabbing weapons at a high school on Thursday.

He is then said to have suffered life-threatening injuries.

The alarm was triggered, the school was sealed off, evacuated and searched by heavily armed special forces because it was initially not clear whether there were other perpetrators.

Three students had to be treated in the intensive care unit

He was arrested when the first police arrived.

The teenager had stab wounds that were presumably self-inflicted.

The police reported the number of injured victims on Thursday as at least four, plus the suspected attacker himself. He and two students had to be treated in the intensive care unit.

The investigation into the background to the violent crime continues.

The Wuppertal public prosecutor's office has not yet commented on the suspect's possible motives.

According to a police spokesman, investigators are assuming an amok attack.

30 psychologists will come to the school

According to the district government, the Wilhelm-Dörpfeld-Gymnasium in the Elberfeld district will be open on Friday, but there will be no classes for the students directly affected.

A total of 30 psychologists will come to the school to work through what has happened with the students.

The attack occurred in the middle of ongoing school operations.

Students reported how an announcement asked them to lock themselves in their classrooms.

The police searched the building and cordoned off a large area.

Around two hours after the operation began, the police announced that the students were safe.