An emergency lane: why she was rewarded and he was punished

What is an emergency lane?

What exactly should be "emergency" in emergency lanes?

How to correctly regulate the use of emergency lanes?

  On her way back from the Spring Festival, when there was a traffic jam on the way, she was bored and reported more than 50 vehicles occupying the emergency lane, and received a 1,500 yuan reward from the Hunan Expressway Police.

But netizens seemed to scoff at this.

  Also in the emergency lane, the driver Yang suddenly felt sleepy while driving on the G75 Lanhai Expressway from Qijiang to Banan. He parked the vehicle in the emergency lane and lay down in the car to sleep.

He received a fine of 200 yuan and a penalty of 9 points on his driver's license.

  An emergency lane has a lot of rights and wrongs.

  So, how should the emergency lane be used?

When is it used?

Are there any ethical issues involved in reporting vehicles occupying emergency lanes and receiving rewards for doing so?

Today, let’s take a look at all the beings on the emergency lane.

Encountered a traffic jam on her way back after the holidays, she took photos and reported illegal vehicles and was rewarded

  Recently, a woman posted an article saying that she and her husband were driving back after the holidays and encountered a traffic jam on the way. Out of boredom, she reported more than 50 illegal vehicles and received a bonus of 1,500 yuan.

  On February 21, the woman told reporters that on the fifth day of the first lunar month, she and her husband drove back to Shenzhen from Hunan via the Xia-Rong Expressway. They encountered a traffic jam on the way and some vehicles occupied the emergency lane. She and her husband took photos of the illegal vehicles and uploaded them to Hunan Expressway Police Convenient Service Platform, "The Hunan Traffic Police's enforcement efficiency is so high that they received the reporting bonus in less than a week. I also hope everyone can abide by the traffic rules."

  Regarding the woman who reported a vehicle occupying the emergency lane and received a reward for it, some netizens asked in the comment area, "Is this money hot to hold on to?" The woman replied, "Don't read the advice with a high sense of morality. In addition, there is nothing wrong with acting in accordance with the law. Hot to the touch”.

  The reporter learned from the Hunan Expressway Police official account that if you find illegal parking, occupying emergency lanes, changing lanes and other illegal behaviors on expressway sections, you can report them through the "Suishoupai" illegal reporting platform. After the reporting information is reviewed and approved, it will be reported within 30 days. Financial rewards will be issued within three working days, and the cumulative reward for multiple valid reports made by the same whistleblower within a natural month shall not exceed 1,500 yuan.

Stop and sleep in the emergency lane

He was fined and demerited by Chongqing traffic patrol police

  Recently, when the police from Banan Brigade, Highway 1 Detachment of Chongqing Traffic and Patrol Police Corps, were patrolling the G75 Lanhai Expressway from Qijiang to Banan, they found a small ordinary bus parked in the emergency lane of the highway without any warning signs placed behind it.

  The police immediately went to check and found that the driver was lying on the seat, fast asleep, with traffic passing by, completely unaware that he was in danger.

The police knocked on the car window to wake up the driver. After questioning, they learned that the driver, Yang, was going to the main city of Chongqing.

When driving on this section of road, he suddenly felt sleepy, so he parked the vehicle randomly in the emergency lane and lay down in the car to sleep.

  The police safely guided the vehicle to the exit of the nearest toll station, criticized and educated the driver Yang for illegally occupying the emergency lane for parking, and imposed a fine of 200 yuan and 9 points on his driver's license in accordance with the law.

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What exactly should be "emergency" in emergency lanes?

Chongqing traffic patrol police tell you

  What is an emergency lane?

What exactly should be "emergency" in emergency lanes?

How to correctly regulate the use of emergency lanes?

  Emergency lanes, also known as life lanes, refer to the lanes marked on both sides of highways, urban expressways and urban ring roads, and are specially used for emergency vehicles such as engineering rescue, fire rescue, medical rescue or police performing emergency duties.

According to the relevant provisions of the "Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law", motor vehicles driving on the highway are not allowed to drive or park in the emergency lane except in emergencies.

Under what circumstances can the emergency lane be used?

  Waiting for rescue. When a vehicle has a traffic accident or sudden breakdown and needs to stop and wait for rescue, the vehicle can be parked in the emergency lane, turn on the hazard alarm flashers, and place a warning sign 150 meters away from the direction of the oncoming vehicle to warn of incoming traffic. For vehicles, relevant personnel should immediately evacuate outside the guardrail, call the police and wait for rescue; for sudden illness, when passengers in the vehicle suddenly suffer from life-threatening diseases, the emergency lane can be used; for emergency tasks, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and engineering rescue vehicles Can be used when performing emergency tasks.

What are the dangers of occupying the emergency lane at will?

  Delay emergency rescue.

Randomly occupying emergency lanes will hinder vehicles performing emergency tasks such as rescue, and will be unable to arrive at the scene in time to handle accidents, eliminate dangers, provide guidance, and rescue the injured. It may even cause the serious consequences of the death of the injured and patients due to lack of timely treatment.

  Increase road congestion.

When a traffic accident occurs ahead or there are many cars driving slowly, some drivers will weave back and forth in the emergency lane and the carriageway, blocking traffic, and constantly changing lanes, interfering with the normal traffic flow and easily aggravating congestion.

  It is easy to cause traffic accidents.

After some vehicles break down on the highway, they park directly in the emergency lane for repairs; some drivers park their cars in the emergency lane to rest at will when they are tired.

The above behavior can easily prevent vehicles traveling in the same direction from taking braking measures without knowing the situation ahead, leading to collisions and other traffic accidents.

  According to Chongqing Rule of Law News, Jimu News, Changsha TV Political and Legal Channel WeChat ID

Critical review

Well deserved

This 1,500 yuan bonus

  Is it considered “immoral” to report illegal occupation of the highway?

There have been many similar discussions.

Some people thought that "taking pictures is immoral" and said, "Who has never driven in the emergency lane?" "You are so boring." More people expressed support: "After all, it is the passage of life" and "People who hate the emergency lane the most."

  The above statements made by netizens are all reflections of reality. On the one hand, on the highway, some people do occupy the lane and drive without taking it seriously. When someone is detained, they roar through the emergency lane without any regard for the consequences; on the other hand, Most of them abide by the rules and deeply hate the behavior of rushing to the road.

  Driving in the emergency lane may seem "smart", but it is actually harming public interests: occupying the emergency lane will have a negative demonstration effect. Once imitated, it will interfere with the normal traffic order, increase traffic congestion, and even lead to rescue operations. Vehicles waiting for emergency missions were blocked.

  Article 82 of the "Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates: Motor vehicles driving on highways shall not drive or park in the emergency lane in non-emergency situations.

The "Measures for the Management of Scores for Road Traffic Safety Violations" stipulates that if a motor vehicle is illegally occupied in the emergency lane on a highway or urban expressway, 6 points will be deducted at a time.

This is all to ensure traffic order and safeguard public interests.

  In addition to Hunan, many places across the country also have similar reward-based reporting methods for highway violations.

Since reporting of violations is encouraged, this in itself is a denial of violations. The whistleblower receives a reward, which is a legal gain. There is no reason to be wrong, and there is no "hot hand".

  If you report occupying the emergency lane to receive a reward, there is nothing wrong if it is done in a reasonable manner, because this is an act to safeguard rules and public interests. It cannot be said to be shameful, nor is it harmful to private ethics.

Some netizens said that regardless of whether it is motivated by profit or not, being able to urge others to consciously abide by traffic rules is worthy of recognition. Only by obeying the law can we effectively reduce the illegal behavior of occupying emergency lanes.

  Of course, those who report purely for profit will not be supported by relevant parties.

According to reports, the "shoot with ease" activity aims to mobilize the masses to participate in the maintenance of highway traffic order and create a traffic management pattern in which everyone co-governs.

Hunan Expressway Police reminds us that reporting for profit is not encouraged.

  These provisions are intended to prevent abuse of reporting rights.

Therefore, as long as the report is approved by the highway traffic police, it is natural to get a reward, and there is nothing hot or cold.

(Chongqing Morning News)