China News Service, Guangzhou, February 23 (Wang Jian and Wang Zijie) "I was very heartbroken when I saw a car falling in front of me. I could only turn my truck sideways to block other cars from getting on the bridge to avoid as many cars as possible. Fall." Guangzhou citizen Wang Guoliang said in an interview with the media on the 23rd.

Wang Guoliang placed his car across the entrance of the bridge to prevent people from encountering danger on the bridge.

Photo courtesy of Wang Guoliang

  At around 5:31 on the 22nd, the Foshan-registered container ship "Lianghui 688" was sailing through the Hongqi Lishui Channel in Nansha, Guangzhou. Due to improper operation by the crew, the ship's hull touched the Lixinsha Bridge (hereinafter referred to as the "Bridge"). The bridge piers caused the bridge deck to break.

  Since the accident occurred in the early morning, when it was still dark and visibility was poor, Wang Guoliang, the driver of Qichen Logistics Co., Ltd., placed his truck across the bridge, blocking other vehicles from the bridge and avoiding a greater tragedy.

  Wang Guoliang recalled that in the early morning of the 22nd, he drove a container truck to work at the company as usual. When he drove about 50 meters before the Lixinsha Bridge was broken, the owner of an oncoming vehicle reminded him that there was a broken bridge accident ahead.

  "The sky was gray and the visibility was very low. He immediately told me that the bridge in front was broken. After the bridge was broken, the street lights were also turned off, making it impossible to walk." Wang Guoliang said that because he did not know the specific situation, he did not dare to rush When I arrived, I immediately stopped the car and flashed, got out of the car and walked forward to check, and found that the bridge was indeed broken.

  Subsequently, Wang Guoliang immediately called 110 to call the police, and immediately returned to the car and backed it up.

At this time, Wang Guoliang happened to see two villagers driving electric vehicles and preparing to get on the bridge. He immediately told them that there was a bridge-breaking accident ahead, and successfully dissuaded them from turning around in time.

  When the car backed up to the T-intersection on the upper bridge of Minjian Village, Wang Guoliang did not leave. Instead, he turned the container truck he was driving sideways. Since his truck was about 15 meters long, it just blocked the intersection.

  "Since this is the only channel leading to the outside of Sanmin Island, villagers are getting on the bridge one after another to go out. I blocked the intersection just to remind everyone not to go there." Wang Guoliang said.

  Afterwards, Wang Guoliang stood firm at the bridge end and waited until the police from the police station arrived at the scene and notified him to drive away. Then he got into the car and left with confidence.