China News Service, Beijing, February 23 (Reporter Ma Shuaisha) The third "Tiangong Painting Exhibition" was launched on the 23rd at the Chinese Space Station.

The astronaut crew of Shenzhou 17, who were on a business trip in space, showed and introduced the beautiful picture of young people in the new era imagining Chinese-style modernization in orbit.

  The works in this exhibition are from young people from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), as well as Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions. The scrolls are made of silk and will be displayed on the China Space Station during the Spring Festival.

There are two long paintings in the Tiangong Art Exhibition.

Source: China Space Foundation

  The exhibition takes "Chinese-style modernization in the eyes of children" as its theme and focuses on "modernization with a huge population", "modernization with common prosperity for all people", "modernization with harmonious material and spiritual civilization", "modernization with harmonious symbiosis between man and nature". Chinese characteristics in five aspects of Chinese-style modernization, including "modernization" and "modernization on the path of peaceful development," are divided into special topics for display.

"Little painters" use their brushes to outline their dreams of a powerful country and what "Chinese-style modernization" looks like in their own eyes.

  It is reported that as a cultural brand with aerospace characteristics that has been widely participated by teenagers across the country and built on the "window" of the China Space Station, the "Tiangong Painting Exhibition" has been successfully held for three times so far, generating good responses in society, especially among teenagers.

This exhibition is guided by the Office of the National Youth Working Committee and the China Manned Space Engineering News and Publicity Office, hosted by the China Space Foundation, and organized by the 208th Institute of the Second Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry of China. The collection will be officially launched in October 2023, and 53 paintings will be collected from Among more than 20,000 registered works, he stood out and entered the space station with the Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft.