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The plan couldn't be more appealing.

Afternoon in Granada visiting the Alhambra, having a coffee on one of the terraces near the

San Nicolás viewpoint,

strolling through the


a snack in the Plaza Nueva and when the sun goes down, comfortably climbing the Sierra Nevada to slide through the more than three kilometers they have to ski at night.

Calmly and without having to look for a space in one of its crowded parking lots.

Uber Ski makes it easy with the new service that transports its vehicles from

the Nasrid city,

the fifth most visited in Spain, to the mountain station.

"We want to reinforce our commitment to Granada, where our business has consolidated significantly in the last year," explains Lola Vilas, director of Uber in Spain.

The service will be available until the close of the ski season at the resort and the price is the same as


in Granada, plus an additional surcharge of 7 euros.

One of the Uber Ski vehicles.

The passion that the Andalusian city awakens among foreign tourists is well known.

Americans, British, French,

Portuguese, Brazilians and Mexicans

have been the ones who have requested Uber services the most in this city during 2023. The longest trip covered 500


from the town of Alfacar to the port of Valencia.

Until now The Alhambra has been the most popular route.

Installed at the station, it is time to look for the best plans.

Although this year it has been difficult to see the

white mountains

and enjoy the

111.4 skiable kilometers

distributed across 133 slopes, there is always an excuse to extend the day with your boots on.

At the foot of the slope, you can try the first Swiss Cheese restaurant,

El Chalet Suizo,

which has just reopened its doors.

On the menu, very appetizing bites, such as the tempura donut stuffed with Le Gruyère AOP (sciatt), a millefeuille from Emmentaler AOP and an omelet made with L'Etivaz AOP.

For those who want to take their time with their food, there are





An irresistible way to get to know the best of the

seven varieties of Swiss cheeses

at 2,500 meters above sea level.

There is no shortage of Iberian dishes and a boletus risotto to accompany the day in the mountains.

Tempura fritter with gruyère.

More options to enjoy at the station.

And to sleep like a king/queen.

At the Lodge, a charming

five-star hotel,

the experience begins as soon as you cross the door.

With a modern and cozy

decoration ,

with large windows facing the mountain, they have everything you need to enjoy before and after skiing.

The first stop (people who are not staying can also reserve) is at

Sun Deck,

at the foot of the slope, where you can make a technical stop between descents to snack on something or have a delicious

breakfast with fresh fruit and cold cuts.

To say goodbye to the day, we change the scene.

The Grill offers an international menu in a cozy dining room, the perfect plan to close a great weekend.

The return to Granada, in Uber, of course.

The Grill, the Lodge's restaurant.

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