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"The last time I came here I was in a depression. I weighed 120 kilos and I felt super bad because I was making music to feed back a formula that was working for me. It was artificial. This album has helped me get rid of that and be me," he says. resounding

Soge Culebra

(Murcia, 1999).

It only takes a minute to realize the change that has occurred in almost four years.

And not only personally.

After years of dragging reggae airs and a raspy voice that had brought him fame as a teenager, he has broken with it in


his new work.

Now he is a much more melodic artist who many are betting on as the new figure in the Spanish urban scene after Quevedo or Saiko.

He takes the pressure off: "I don't think about it. Music is ups and downs and if it has to come, it will come."



"When you're nobody you have to eat shit. Now everyone treats me well"


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"When you're nobody you have to eat shit. Now everyone treats me well"


"An online hater is my top 1 loser"


  • Editorial: VIDEO: REDA SLAFTI

"An online hater is my top 1 loser"

After working on an album for three years, how do you handle today's rapid consumption on platforms? I think that if the artist makes the public see that it is important, it will be important to people too.

In recent years I have realized that songs resonate with people more when they have an important background.



is a very special album.

Why? Because I wanted to show that you can change and be a better person.

That you can always learn from your mistakes and be a better person.

That you can get out of the storm and then good things will come.

What were those mistakes? Well, above all, musical ones.

I have had a very bad time in music because I have been lost for many years.

Now I have been able to find my essence after looking for it for so long.

Have you ever felt trapped? Yes, many times.

In fact, the last time I came here I was in a depression.

I weighed 120 kilos and I was very bad because I made music to give feedback to something that was working for me.

It was artificial.

This album has helped me let go of that and be me.

But I don't think it was bad either because the songs he published were cool and I understand why they were liked.

They are mistakes that lead you to evolve. Of course.

And I don't regret anything.

But there comes a time when everything is artificial.

The project does not comfort you and you become a machine.

There is no happiness.

There is no satisfaction.

What made you click and want to change? In music I spent a year without releasing anything and in the next thing I published I was already singing without breaking my voice.

I realized that among the songs that I had listened to the most, there were songs that had nothing to do with what I was doing.

Different songs made my skin crawl.

The thing is that he didn't change out of fear.

Until one day it clicked and I thought I couldn't keep fooling myself and fooling people.

Afterwards, many criticized me and told me that I was selling out.

What people didn't know is that the new thing they released worked much less than the previous one.

Did you ever think about quitting? Never.

Even when I was sick, I would let off steam by listening to other types of music.

I've never wanted to get away from this.

But sometimes it's complicated.

Especially when music stops being music and the business part becomes more important.

You have to be strong not to lose your taste for it. Who have you leaned on during difficult times? Well, I rely a lot on the people who I know truly love me and will always be there.

My family, my friends, my partner... I also treated a psychologist for five or six sessions and he helped me a lot.

But it is true that I am very emotional and many times I need the warmth of people to move forward.

Maybe it's a defect.

I need a maximum confidant, a person who knows that he truly loves me so that I can feel supported and feel that I am not alone.

How do you consider the next steps in your career? Now I am a very happy person and I want to manifest positive things.

I am happy with my life and just as when I had a bad situation I made an album, I can also work on a project talking about joy.

Are you ambitious in your work in terms of objectives? I am very negative.


But I am also very hard-working.

When I know that I have worked a lot on a project, I do have faith in it.



I was ambitious.

I had high expectations.

Many of them were fulfilled, but I am young and I still have a way to go.

I think music is a lot of ups and downs and ambition is difficult to always be present.

I understand that other expectations were not met.

How do you manage those moments? When a song is going to have an impact in my mind and then it has a different one, I don't usually get too disappointed.

It helps me move forward.

I am also aware that I am not as much of a media artist as others here in Spain and I know that if I release a song alone it may not work as well as if I released it with Bad Bunny, for example.

But you have to put out songs on your own because you never know what's going to happen.

You always have to fight.

There are the examples of Quevedo or Saiko, who suddenly one day triumphed with a song and took off.

Additionally, they both collaborate on your album.

Yes, they are talented people and they deserve it.

In the end, social networks are like a snowball and everything gets bigger and bigger.

Do examples like theirs excite you?

Do they make you think you could be next? I don't really think about it.

For example, there are times when it is said "Soge in 2024" or Lucho, or Raúl Clyde.

If one day my time has to come, it will come.

I have already had many and music is ups and downs.

I've been up and down.


you get

into numbers, but I prefer not to focus on that.

For example, I have I

won't call

with Quevedo and, obviously, the song worked a lot.

I saw the


, I saw the


and it was very great.

I was pleasantly surprised.

But I didn't feel like the king of the world for having so many notifications on my phone.

I saw it as the

Coin Master

game .

You see that you win but that's it.

Would you like to mark an era? I'm not worried.

It does not take away the dream.

But I would love for my music to transcend and last over time.

It would be incredible because that means you have become a legend.

Sixty years go by and your songs are still heard... That would be incredible.

It's complicated but not impossible.

You have to work a lot but with time you can achieve it.