Alexandre Dalifard 12:20 p.m., February 23, 2024

This Friday evening, for the 49th edition of the Césars, 13 personalities will be masters of ceremonies.

For the occasion, Olivier Benkemoun, film journalist and guest on “Pascal Praud et vous”, explains how they experience this role.

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13 masters of ceremonies for the 49th edition of the Césars.

This Friday evening, this annual meeting of French cinema is being held at the Olympia.

For the occasion, Olivier Benkemoun, culture journalist for Europe 1, is the guest of the show Pascal Praud et vous.

He returns to this important role of the master of ceremonies.

And this year, there will be 13 of them on stage, under the direction of Franck Broqua, director of the ceremony.

"They are there to have fun. During rehearsals, it's fun, we have fun. But in the evening, when you are facing a room that is afraid and waiting, it's not the same thing ", explains Olivier Benkemoun.

The latter specifies that “all those who have done this job of master of ceremonies come out flat”.