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Leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Osama Hamdan, said that the ongoing starvation war against the residents of the Gaza Strip was issued by a clear decision from the occupation Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his Defense Minister, Yoav Galant, calling on the Arab and Islamic countries to take urgent action to break the siege on Gaza, and the countries through which commercial trucks pass. To Israel to stop it.

Hamdan added - in a press conference from Beirut - that all participants and supporters of this aggressive war that contemporary history has never witnessed - led by the American administration and President Joe Biden personally - bear full responsibility with the occupation government for the massacres and genocidal war committed daily against the people of Gaza. .

He added that what is happening is a war of starvation declared by Netanyahu and Gallant when they decided on October 9 to prevent the entry of water, food, and fuel to the residents of the Gaza Strip, in a war crime to which the world did not take any action, even after the International Court of Justice considered this decision an indication of the commission of The occupation is genocide in the Strip.

Hamdan called on the World Food Program and all international institutions - including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) - not to submit to the will and measures of the occupation that it deliberately imposes, and to return to work in the northern Gaza Strip immediately, and to take effective and serious steps to provide relief to the residents of the Strip, and to confront the threat of famine. Expanding.

Restricting entry to Al-Aqsa

The Hamas leader also called on the Palestinian people inside, Jerusalem and the West Bank to reject the occupation’s decision to restrict entry to Al-Aqsa Mosque and to travel to it and to travel there to thwart all the plans that target it, renewing the call to the Arab and Islamic nation to defend the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque as a defense of the nation’s honor, dignity and sanctities.

Hamdan stressed that harming Al-Aqsa or the freedom of worship there and access to it will not pass without accountability, stressing that the occupation will not have sovereignty over Al-Aqsa, whatever its plans.

He pointed out that the Netanyahu government sees prolonging the war as a primary goal to escape the entitlements of the post-aggression period on the Gaza Strip, adding that the movement dealt in a positive spirit with the mediators’ proposals and initiatives, and based its positions on its clear priorities in stopping the aggression against the people of the Gaza Strip and ending their human suffering. .

Hamdan said that the Netanyahu government’s insistence on continuing the war of extermination against civilians in the Gaza Strip will not be stopped by mere ideas and initiatives, but rather requires firm positions and practical measures to end the aggression, respond to the rights of the Palestinian people, and end the occupation.

Independent international investigation

In the context of his comment on the report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights about Palestinian women and girls being assaulted by the occupying army, Hamdan called for an independent, impartial, rapid and comprehensive international investigation into these “serious crimes” in accordance with international criminal law, and for the prosecution of the Zionist entity and its leadership in accordance with international criminal law.

The Hamas leader wondered about the voices that echoed the “lies” claimed by Netanyahu and repeated by Biden regarding the rape of Israeli women on October 7: Where are they in this UN report, while they rushed after false black propaganda issued by the occupation?!

Hamdan appreciated the positions of Brazilian President Lula da Silva in support of humanitarian values, in which he stressed that what is happening in Gaza is genocide, as well as the positions of the presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and Colombia, who expressed their support for the position of the Brazilian president.

He also appreciated the positions of the countries participating in the public hearings held by the International Court of Justice regarding the legal consequences of the occupation policies in the Palestinian Territory, which confirmed the widespread violations of international law practiced by the occupying entity against the Palestinian people and their occupied land.

Hamdan called on the Arab and Islamic masses and free people in all the world to continue their mass movement to condemn the occupation, to put pressure to stop the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, and to endorse and support the right of our people to liberation and self-determination.

Source: Al Jazeera