Emotional anchor teaches "making money" Dafa and destroys three views

Some live broadcast rooms teach women how to find "financiers" and manipulate men

  □ Reporter Wen Lijuan

  □ Wang Yitao, an intern of this newspaper

  "How did I find a rich husband and buy me a property worth more than 80 million yuan?";

  "No woman with a love brain will be treated well by a man";

  "A woman must learn to torture a man, and he will love you more"...

  What kind of life is successful?

The answer given by some anchors is - find a "good" man/woman.

  During the Spring Festival this year, reporters from the "Rule of Law Daily" watched nearly 30 live broadcasts of emotional counseling and found that some anchors started an "emotional business" in the name of psychological counseling and emotional counseling, and exported bad news through live broadcasts, short lecture videos, etc. The concept of love teaches women how to find a "financier" and manipulate men; there are also male anchors who "instruct" men on how to manipulate women, denying the importance of sincerity in relationships.

The commonality of these anchors is that they teach viewers how to use emotions, marriage, etc. to obtain money and resources. On this basis, they can achieve traffic while selling emotional courses, emotional consulting services or other products.

  Experts interviewed believe that the remarks promoted by such live broadcasts or short videos objectify specific gender groups, violate the concept of gender equality, and violate the mainstream values ​​of society.

It is necessary to strengthen the management of video platforms and manage such problematic videos from aspects such as optimizing the recommendation mechanism, optimizing the traffic distribution mechanism, and strengthening audit controls.

Netizens should keep their eyes open to avoid being deceived. Marketing that uses emotions as a means of making money cannot be trusted.

 On the grounds of emotional counseling

  Teach women how to handle men

  The reporter searched multiple short video platforms using keywords such as "emotional counseling", "emotional positive energy" and "female growth". Many similar accounts appeared, with the largest number of fans reaching millions.

  One of the bloggers, “Brother Give each other a "painting" to look forward to the future, and the concluding sentence is "to help you improve your emotional cognition."

The entire video does not mention emotions, but "educates" women on how to become "girls" and guides women to achieve the so-called class leap through "bragging" and "packaging".

  Another blogger with more than 10,000 followers, "Yue ××", advocates that women obtain money from men through coquettishness and other methods. "Although it sounds wrong, women are not bad and men will not love them. As long as you are not tempted, you will win." ”.

The short video content posted on its homepage shows that many Lianmai fans have received houses, cars and huge sums of money from men with their "help".

  Another male blogger used his "being a man" as an example, saying, "I am willing to do anything to the man I like, but he is often not treated well." "Women who are good to men are 'dog lickers'", in a short video China teaches women how to truly “handle” men.

  Reporters combed through these live broadcasts and short videos and found that what these bloggers have in common is that they claim to be emotional mentors or psychological counselors with rich experience. Some are "professional emotional mentors certified by hundreds of thousands of platforms" and have helped a large number of women achieve their goals. Break social circles upwards and teach women to "borrow power" from men in emotional relationships to obtain wealth and resources.

  The reporter interviewed many short video netizens about this phenomenon. They all said that such emotional anchors are very common on short video platforms and can often be "swiped". The target targets are both women and men.

Most of the women are taught how to "catch money" and "money masters", while men are taught chatting skills and "sexy skills". "What's more, some bloggers will directly talk about PUA."

Many netizens bluntly said that such videos are "very damaging to the three views", believing that such anchors will bias social reality and distort values, and called for stronger supervision.

  Some platforms have noticed the adverse effects of such accounts and have punished them accordingly.

In December last year, the "Weibo administrator" announced a typical case of punishment, saying that the account of the emotional V "Qu×" violated the rules because "he repeatedly promoted bad views on love to gain popularity, and used this to sell courses for personal gain and convey wrong value orientation. ".

  It is reported that this account mostly conducts live broadcasts in the form of emotional counseling with fans.

According to the anchor's point of view, falling in love, getting married and even having children are just tools to achieve "class crossing". "Making money" from men is the ultimate goal that transcends emotions.

  Drainage of bad views on love

  Selling emotional courses

  The reporter noticed that using "bad views on love" to divert traffic and sell emotional courses or products is the "business logic" of this type of anchor.

  A female anchor who is known as the "commercial traffic leader" said when talking about her "qualification to talk about emotions": "Because I found a rich husband who can buy me a real estate worth more than 80 million yuan." She He introduced himself as "married into a wealthy family after getting divorced and raising a child", "very upright in outlook" and "socially upward".

On the live broadcast, she told how she went from being a woman with a low education background, divorced and raising children in a rural area to becoming a "big boss's woman" across social classes. She also declared, "In my live broadcast room, all the women who are doing well are... Those who are divorced and have children” “beautiful is capital”.

As more and more people entered the live broadcast room, the anchor became visibly excited: "Women in the same situation as me are buying courses to achieve class crossing like me."

  "There are too many knowledge points and information about chatting, and it is impossible for a video to cover all aspects. For example, how to subtly test and make him confess to you, how to reward and how to punish, so as to cultivate his love for you. Obedience. Including how to cultivate his habit of giving to you and improve your own value. These are all discussed in detail in my courses." said the above-mentioned female anchor.

  There is also a male anchor with millions of fans, "Brother Kai", who introduced in a short video that "the best way to conquer a woman is to learn to flatter her" and broke down "praising" and "praising details". Pay for you" three-step teaching.

In the comment area of ​​the video, many people commented "I learned it", some asked "How to flatter a man", and some lamented that "being in a relationship is so tiring and it's better to be single".

  In another short video of the anchor, there are more than a dozen chat screenshots expressing gratitude to the anchor. The content is mostly "Thanks to listening to you, he can take the initiative to come back to me. You are my savior."

The anchor took advantage of the situation and guided: "When you encounter emotional problems, you must not seek medical treatment in a hurry. See Brother Kai for emotional counseling. Click here for 1V1."

  In a live broadcast titled "How to make a man really fall in love with you", the anchor repeatedly emphasized "hot air balloon mics, sports car queue jumping, and plane express" to attract viewers who needed to talk or consult with gifts and mics. However, The reporter watched the entire one-hour live broadcast and found that the anchor did not put forward any constructive suggestions. After listening to the audience's speech, he concluded that "the other party does not love you" and hung up.

Interspersed in the middle of the live broadcast were two links thanking the host. They claimed that they were in the XX group, had taken the XX course, and had regained intimacy with their significant other.

"If you don't suffer the hardships of study, you have to suffer the hardships of life. Take classes with the teacher. What you spend more than 200 yuan on is the most important investment in life. After the class starts, you can join the advanced sales group for free and enjoy one-on-one consulting services." The anchor quickly answered. .

  There are also emotional anchors who sell "dance lessons" during live broadcasts. They actually teach women how to control men through sexy behaviors or even sexual intercourse, and they are subtle and subtle.

  According to the self-reports of some emotional consulting bloggers, "The emotional output track is a very good track for starting a business on a live broadcast platform. It has high profits, excellent delivery results, and is not easy to explode." "Earn more than 300,000 yuan in one month." Earn 25 million yuan."

  Industry insiders pointed out that this type of anchors have the ability to quickly absorb and monetize traffic due to their "empathy", and their audiences are often people with strong spending power. The main monetization paths include selling emotional courses, Q&A, and private domain consultation. , social companionship, etc.

  "Emotions are a very easy path to monetize, because traffic is easy to generate. If you have the opportunity to access the system, the business volume will increase. You should also pay attention to the private domain. Really large customer orders are often closed in the private domain. Emotional consulting customer groups There will be many relevant derivatives, such as adding them to social platforms, which can sell things related to women." The above-mentioned industry insider said that when he was doing this track, he could make a profit of 1 million yuan in one month.

  In addition to the above-mentioned monetization methods, there are also some bloggers who have started a "marriage agency" business and formed a "dating bureau" among their fan groups as a new revenue channel.

A blogger named "XX Matchmaker" claims to be able to make a net profit of more than 100,000 yuan per month by relying on offline fan activities with an asset threshold of 50 million yuan.

It can hold more than 160 blind dates a year, with an average of two "50 million blind dates" per month, and the per capita admission fee is more than 6,000 yuan.

  Platforms should be strictly reviewed

  Optimize mechanisms to combat chaos

  Why are these emotional counselors so sought after?

The reporter interviewed many netizens who often watch such live broadcasts or short videos, and found that these anchors' experiences of "taking the initiative to expose scars and help women grow after experiencing failed marriages and entrepreneurial failures and getting out of the trough" resonated with them.

  Ms. Xin, who works in Beijing, has been single for many years. In order to improve her competitiveness, she will often watch such live broadcasts or short videos.

In her opinion, these anchors can provide her with a complete set of values ​​and theoretical systems, and she is willing to pay for the anchors, and “many nights when I feel lonely and want to find someone to chat, these anchors can also help me.” Provide emotional value”.

  "Some anchors are very inspirational, and you can see hope in them." Ms. Zhao from Changsha, Hunan, gave an example. A blogger said that after a failed "rich marriage" and a debt of 10 million yuan, he relied on his business skills. The "big boss" resources that the college came into contact with not only paid off the debt, but also became the CEO of a listed company. "Isn't this a role model for women?"

  But in reality, are the counseling services provided by these emotional counselors really reliable?

  Some netizens interviewed believed that the authenticity of the content of these anchors under the banner of "emotional counseling" is doubtful.

A Beijing netizen, Xiao Ai, told reporters that for a while she particularly enjoyed watching such live broadcasts, "It was like listening to a story, and it was a lot of fun."

Until one day, a "socialite" blogger who claimed that she "lived in a big villa" and "achieved financial freedom" specifically showed off a brand-name bag of hers in a video, which was later revealed by netizens to be a fake.

"The anchor held up the bag and said that he married well and bought any brand-name bag. However, after being found out that it was a fake, he never responded publicly. If the details of a bag are fake, the story of achieving class crossing will be true. How much sex can there be?”

  The reporter searched the third-party complaint platform and found that many netizens claimed that they were cheated after purchasing consulting courses.

For example, a netizen said that he placed an order for 1V1 consulting services worth more than 8,000 yuan in an emotional counselor's live broadcast room. It turned out that the tutor was not the anchor himself, but a teacher without any qualifications. During the consultation process, he gave perfunctory responses and negotiated a refund. I only got back less than half of my money.

Someone else complained that he spent 399 yuan to buy a private lesson from an emotional anchor. The other party claimed that "there is a 70% chance of helping you catch the girl you like now. All the tutors in the group will provide help. If you have any relevant questions, you can ask at any time." .

But in fact, only one teacher contacted him, and the other party has not provided relevant services half a month after signing the contract agreement.

  Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, pointed out that emotional counseling has a long history, but it should be noted that unlike some accounts of psychological counselors and family legal aid, some bloggers have not obtained relevant qualifications. Even his own marriage is in "a mess", yet he sells emotional courses, which has become a strange phenomenon nowadays.

  According to Hu Gang, deputy secretary-general of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Internet Society of China, individual emotional anchors spread wrong views on marriage and love, teach bad values, deliberately create gender antagonism, and encourage behavior such as asking for property under the pretext of marriage and love, which violates the "equality between men and women" in the Civil Code. The prohibition on extorting property through marriage" violates the Cybersecurity Law's requirement that "the state advocates honest, trustworthy, healthy and civilized online behavior and promotes the dissemination of socialist core values" and violates the Women's Rights and Interests Protection Law's requirement that "encourage women's self-esteem and self-confidence" , self-reliance and self-reliance", which deviates from the requirements of the "Regulations on Ecological Governance of Network Information Content" to "carry forward socialist core values, promote excellent moral culture and the spirit of the times, and fully demonstrate the high-spirited spirit of the Chinese nation."

  Hu Gang believes that the key to combating such chaos is to strengthen the management of video platforms.

For example, optimize the recommendation mechanism and strive to solve the problem of deviation in the value orientation of the platform algorithm; optimize the traffic distribution mechanism to prevent the phenomenon of "emphasis on indicators over quality"; strengthen platform review and control, and strive to solve problems such as non-standard platform review mechanisms and insufficient review standards; strictly Law enforcement: platforms and anchors that cause malicious dissemination of illegal and harmful information are ordered to make corrections, accounts are disposed of, and corresponding administrative penalties are imposed.

  The experts interviewed believe that marriage is an important choice in life. It cannot be a success with just a few words from someone or so-called emotional counseling. It is still necessary to establish a correct view of spouse selection and take the choice of life into one's own hands instead of placing hope. Let others make decisions for you.

For content involving emotional counseling, relevant platforms should conduct qualification reviews.

Really professional emotional counseling should guide people to calmly examine the relationship, discover the crux of the relationship after peeling off the cocoons, hear their true inner voice beyond the emotional surface, and then make independent choices and properly solve the problem.

  (Rule of Law Daily)