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Demonstrators in front of a Green Party event in Hirschaid, Bavaria

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Protesters disrupted a Green Party event in Hirschaid, Bavaria.

The participants were eventually escorted to their cars in small groups by police officers, as the police in Bayreuth announced.

The party's district association held its annual general meeting in Hirschaid on Wednesday evening. According to information, 300 people with more than 60 tractors and cars gathered in a side street at the same time.

This meeting was not registered, as the police further stated that it was a spontaneous meeting.

The protesters “loudly expressed their displeasure” and disrupted the Green event.

So they shined spotlights into the meeting room and filmed it.

The windows were also knocked on and, according to police, the Greens event was disrupted by a siren.

The police therefore intervened to de-escalate and stop the disruptive actions.

“It was massively intimidating for our members”

The Green district chairman Tim-Luca Rosenheimer told “Zeit Online” that the participants were insulted and harassed when they left the party event under police protection.

"It was massively intimidating for our members." In addition to farmers, he also recognized protesters from the lateral thinker milieu, he told Bayerischer Rundfunk.

The Bamberg police announced that they were checking the protest for violations of assembly law or criminal law.

Apparently there were not only farmers among the participants.

It is still unclear who exactly was there or how they were politically assigned.

Shortly after the first protest, some of the participants blocked access to the central warehouse of a hypermarket chain in a nearby town, it said.

There were therefore twelve reports of coercion.

Bavarian Green Party leader Schulze calls for clarification

The Green party leader in the state parliament, Katharina Schulze, called for the incidents to be clarified.

Freedom of expression and assembly are at the core of democracy, "but a disruptive action like last night in Hirschaid is absolutely unacceptable," she said on Thursday.

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Green party leader in the Bavarian state parliament, Katharina Schulze


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Volunteers were intimidated and the planned event could not take place.

»This is another warning signal for everyone in our country.

It is important that this incident is now dealt with at the highest level," said Schulze.

The Bavarian Farmers' Association (BBV) in Upper Franconia distanced itself from the campaign, saying they had nothing to do with it, emphasized a representative of the office.

Last week, the Greens canceled their political Ash Wednesday in Biberach, Baden-Württemberg, at short notice due to security concerns after a demonstration got out of hand.

Among other things, farmers dumped a pile of dung in front of the steps to the town hall and blocked streets with paving stones and sandbags.