China News Service, Hainan Wenchang, February 23rd, Title: Hainan Island Ring Road Tour is Overflowing and Sightseeing Bus Tickets Are Available in a Second

  China News Service reporter Guan Xiangdong Fu Yuqun

  Just after the Spring Festival holiday, Hainan launched a new way to play - tourist road sightseeing buses.

Once the ticket sales channels for the two lines are opened, tickets for the first three days will be sold out in seconds.

When the reporter participated in the experience of one of the routes, he found that there were "elderly migratory birds" from all over the country, as well as many local Hainan families, as well as foreign tourists.

On February 21, tourists took the Hainan Island Tourist Highway sightseeing bus for sightseeing.

The picture shows the scenery of the windmill coast section of Mulan Bay in Wenchang.

Photo by China News Service reporter Lin Shijie

  The tourist highway around the island in Hainan opened at the end of last year and has been very popular.

The entire line is nearly 1,000 kilometers long and runs through 12 coastal cities and counties including Haikou, Wenchang, and Qionghai. It passes through 84 scenic areas along the way. Almost every section has a different landscape. Tourists can deeply experience the unique natural and cultural customs of Hainan Island along the way.

  During the Spring Festival, self-driving, cycling, and motorcycle tourists from all over the country embark on a check-in trip on the Hainan Island Tourist Highway in various ways: they shuttle through thousands of acres of salt fields, or take photos in the most beautiful bays, and tourists also discover along the way, such as "Niche attractions" such as Yanzi Cave are frequently exposed.

  The opening of tourist highway sightseeing buses will promote the transformation of "tourist highways" into popular "road tourism".

Along the way, you will see the century-old arcade streets of the hometown of overseas Chinese, unique lighthouses, and the windmill coast that stretches for several kilometers. The sightseeing bus is like a "mobile viewing platform."

"Old Migratory Bird" Wang Zhibin said that sightseeing buses provide a convenient experience for tourists who are inconvenient to drive by themselves.

Hu Yingze, a tourist from Haikou, said that the sightseeing bus is equipped with a tour guide to explain the entire journey, which also allows locals to have a deeper understanding of the culture of their hometown.

On February 21, tourists took the Hainan Island Tourist Highway sightseeing bus for sightseeing.

(Photo courtesy of Hainan Haiqi Transportation Group Co., Ltd.)

  Hainan's original ecological natural landscape is popular with tourists.

Li Shengli, a first-time tourist visiting the island-circuit tourist highway, said that Mulan Bay in Wenchang has clear sea water, soft sandy beaches, array of windmills, bright sunshine, towering lighthouses, and the untouched coastal scenery is wonderful.

On February 21, tourists took the Hainan Island Tourist Highway sightseeing bus for sightseeing.

The picture shows tourists checking in while visiting the windmill coastal section of Mulan Bay in Wenchang.

(Photo courtesy of Hainan Haiqi Transportation Group Co., Ltd.)

  Egyptian Hazem Mohamed and his Hainanese wife have been working and living in Qiong for 5 years.

In his opinion, the Hainan Island Tourist Highway is very unique. He has been to Sanya to experience diving and Wanning to experience surfing along the way.

He believes that the tourist highway connects tourist resources along Hainan and the experience is wonderful. "I would recommend foreign friends who come here for the first time to take a sightseeing bus to learn about Hainan Island."

  As many tourists experience the Hainan Island Tourist Highway in depth, people along the route have benefited a lot.

Chen Xingfu, the tour guide who launched the first sightseeing bus, is happy to recommend his hometown of Wenchang, the hometown of overseas Chinese, to tourists.

He said that the old arcade street in Wenchangpuqian, which was once isolated in a corner, has now become an "Internet celebrity street" on the tourist highway, where tourists can experience the original ecological life of Hainanese people.

As the reporter saw, the old street was filled with self-driving cars from all over the country, and there were many traditional shops and full of fireworks.

The proprietress of the specialty old restaurant "Deli Dregs and Vinegar" said that during the Spring Festival, after lunch at noon, she kept "turning tables" until 12 o'clock at night; the aunt who sells Hainan tropical fruits at the entrance of the old street said that she had to cut the fruits until her hands were soft. "...

  Experience the local lifestyle at Wenchang Puqian Qilou Old Street, listen to the waves at Oriental Yulinzhou Lighthouse, enjoy the most beautiful sunset on the western coast of Hainan Island at Changjiang Qizi Bay, feel the "maritime village" style at Lingshui Danjia Fishing Rafts... Hainan Island Tourist highways continue to attract tourists to "check in" and are promoting the development of Hainan tourism towards "all-region tourism".

  Chen Yao, president of the Hainan Tourism Development Research Institute, suggested that a tourism product system with Hainan's island-round tourist highway as the backbone should be established as soon as possible, and the transformation of the island-round tourist highway from a tourist highway to a "road tourism" product should be accelerated.

Through product creation, we will provide tourists with more experience and consumption opportunities, and provide people in areas along the route with more employment and income opportunities.