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Police operation in NRW (symbolic image)

Photo: Maximilian Koch / IMAGO

In the case of an entrepreneur from Hüllhorst near Minden who has been missing for months, the Bielefeld public prosecutor's office has brought charges against a 37-year-old.

The investigators accuse the man from Enger in the Herford district of murder out of greed and to enable a crime, as public prosecutor Christopher York told the dpa news agency on Friday.

The “Westfalen-Blatt” had previously reported.

The defendant is said to have killed the entrepreneur in order to get his real estate and property.

According to York, the 62-year-old's body is still missing.

Corpse detection dogs had arrived on his property.

Forensics discovered small traces of the entrepreneur's blood.

Investigators seized his car in the Netherlands.

In custody since December

In the meantime, according to investigators, the suspect was seen with the car in a parking lot in Melle, Lower Saxony.

It was said that the missing man's cell phone was hidden in the car.

By dialing into the respective cell phone ranges, the investigators were able to trace the car's route to the Dutch border.

The 37-year-old was arrested almost seven weeks after the entrepreneur's disappearance.

According to York, he had the victim's car keys and papers with him.

The man has been in custody since the beginning of December.

The Bielefeld Regional Court must decide whether to admit the charges.