Solène Delinger 9:00 a.m., February 23, 2024

James Denton unfortunately did not participate in the first performance of "Dancing with the Stars" last week due to a torn hamstring muscle.

The “Desperate Housewives” actor hopes to be able to dance this Friday, February 23, after following several physiotherapy sessions. 


Will James Denton walk the

Dancing with the Stars

floor  this Friday evening?

The American actor continues to believe in it despite a nasty injury which prevented him from competing last week.

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“At my age, we are no longer afraid of much”

The Desperates Housewives


tore her hamstring muscle (at thigh level) during dance rehearsals with her partner Candice Pascal.

On the evening of the first prime, James Denton apologized to viewers who were all impatiently waiting to discover his dancing skills.

The unforgettable Mike Delfino was THE most anticipated star of this new season of


Coming straight from the United States to participate in the show in France, the 61-year-old actor shared his enthusiasm with us during the press conference presenting the show: "I am both very excited and a little anxious because I've never danced. At my age, you're not afraid of much anymore. So I told myself that if participating in


scared me, I had to do it! I'm here because that it’s a real challenge.” 


Dancing with the Stars - Caroline Margeridon talks about her participation: “It's unconsciousness!”

That evening, James Denton told us that he was sure of only one thing: being physically fit to participate in



Unfortunately, today it is his state of health which is blocking him from competing.

Interviewed by

50 Minutes Inside 

on Saturday February 17, Candice Pascal was not very optimistic... "It's a tear (...). Normally, it's a month off," she said. she pointed out.

“We will try, with treatment, to make him recover over two weeks.”

If there are no eliminations at the end of the first two shows, the American actor and his dancer are in danger: unlike the other candidates, they do not score points and therefore risk being eliminated prematurely. .

“My two children will come to see me in Paris if I stay until Easter because it’s their Spring break,” James Denton told us a month ago.

That's all we hope for him!