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Raphaël Quenard won the César for best male revelation on Friday for Dog from the Scrapyard before launching an unexpected tribute to farmers, in the midst of a social movement.

“Thank you to all these people who are working so hard,” he said.

Raphaël Quenard won the César on Friday for best male revelation for

Junkyard Dog

, crowning the meteoric rise of a troublemaker of French cinema, before launching an unexpected tribute to farmers, in the midst of a social movement.

At 32, the actor is nominated in two other categories: best documentary short film, for a film he co-produced and co-directed, and especially in that of best actor, for


by Quentin Dupieux.

"As the little son of a peasant, culture, like everything else, is nothing. Thank you to all these people who work hard to offer us the luxury of filling our stomachs with good fruits, good vegetables, good cereals", he declared on the eve of the high-voltage opening of the Agricultural Show.

“Relentlessly pursue the goal of seeing their eyes light up with a flash of pride” ️

Raphaël Quenard's beautiful tribute to his family after receiving the César for Best Male Newcomer #Cé

— CANAL+ (@canalplus) February 23, 2024

“Long live France, Hail Caesar”

"I have a phrase that I heard: 'Our lives are punctuated with suffering and sorrow. But the most terrible of them is to see us every day trying to suffocate the little child who is in us'", added Raphaël Quenard, thanking "the filmmakers who give us free rein to gesticulate in their universe".



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“Long live France, Hail Caesar,” he concluded.

In a few months, Raphaël Quenard went from young actor confined to supporting roles to rising glory in French cinema.

Junkyard Dog

, in which he bursts into the screen, is a first film about rural youth, by Jean-Baptiste Durand.

And his first leading role.

A role landed "with a knife between my teeth": "I harassed and sent an astronomical amount of emails. He (the director, Editor's note) couldn't take it anymore in the end", he says with humor.

Messy hair, crooked smile, insolent chat, unique phrasing: the thirty-year-old is now everywhere, on movie sets, on the covers of magazines or in the front row of fashion shows.

He has also since played in


, on Netflix,

I will always see your faces

(more than a million entries) by Jeanne Herry, or


by Michel Hazanavicius.