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He lived his life playing starring roles in Hollywood films, and viewers around the world loved him, but he let down his Arab and Muslim fans when he announced his support for Israel in the war it was waging against the Gaza Strip.

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He is the American actor and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who expressed his position on the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and the crimes and starvation to which the Palestinian people are exposed, by saying that he stands with the Israeli occupation.

Schwarzenegger said in a statement, “I am a great friend of Israel.”

The Hollywood actor added, "I always wanted to be there for the Jewish people and Israel," and also said, "I am a big friend of the Jewish people in Israel."

It is noteworthy that there are many Hollywood celebrities who expressed their support for Palestine and the people of Gaza, stressing their condemnation of the crimes committed by Israel, including Tilda Swinton, Charles Dance, and Steve Coogan.

Actor John Cusack also turned his social media accounts into media platforms to condemn the Israeli war on Gaza, which prompted Israel's supporters to attack him.

In contrast to the position expressed by the American representative in support of Israel, questions arise about the position of Arab artists on the war of extermination against the Palestinian people, and why they did not dare to say, “We are friends of the resistance that defends Palestine”?

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