In Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, a 33-year-old wife was arrested by police on suspicion of attempted murder after she allegedly tried to kill her husband by making him drink methyl alcohol, which is harmful to the body.

In response to her investigation, her wife denied some of her charges, saying, ``There is no doubt that she made him drink, but she did not intend to kill him.'' .

The person arrested was Manami Morisaki (33 years old), an unemployed man from Deniwa, Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture.

According to police, Morisaki is suspected of attempted murder for trying to kill his 35-year-old girlfriend's husband by forcing him to drink a drink mixed with methyl alcohol at her home around September last year.

Her husband reported that she sought medical attention in late September because she felt dizzy and nauseated, and her eyesight had deteriorated, and subsequent tests detected methyl alcohol in her system. The hospital had notified the police.

Her husband said her injuries were not life-threatening, but her eyesight has deteriorated significantly.

Methyl alcohol is a type of alcohol that is mainly used in disinfectants and fuel. Once it enters the body, it cannot be broken down and can cause symptoms of poisoning and even death. Police are investigating the source and motive for obtaining the alcohol.

In response to police investigation, the suspect stated, ``There is no doubt that I gave her methyl alcohol, but I did not intend to kill her,'' and she partially denies the charges. .