Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, who has been staying on the International Space Station since last year, talked about the results of experiments he has conducted so far and said, ``It was an environment that would allow us to carry out tests that will take humans to the moon and beyond.'' I looked back.

Mr. Furukawa has been on the International Space Station since August last year, working on various experiments, and on the 21st, he and his fellow astronauts answered questions from Earth about their achievements so far.

In this article, Dr. Furukawa talked about an experiment that investigated how cells feel gravity, saying, ``If we can understand what is happening in cells, we will be able to deal with the deterioration of bones and muscles that occurs during spaceflight.'' Furthermore, it may lead to a better understanding of similar diseases that occur on Earth."

Regarding experiments in which robots used to perform surgeries in space are remotely controlled from Earth, he said, ``The challenge is that there will be a time lag between us and Earth, and in the future, if humans go to the moon or beyond, the lag will become even bigger.'' ``The International Space Station was an environment where we could conduct tests that simulated future situations.''

Regarding experiments to create high-quality protein crystals, he emphasized the significance, saying, ``Crystal analysis reveals more detailed structures and allows us to efficiently narrow down protein candidates that will lead to the development of new drugs.'' .

Mr. Furukawa is scheduled to stay for about six months, and is expected to return to Earth next month.