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Visited many places for in-depth research to improve people’s livelihood (Building a dream of modernization and drawing a new picture together·Story of representative committee members performing their duties)

  "What difficulties are currently encountered in rural sewage treatment in the county? How is the toilet revolution progressing?" Not long ago, Hu Xiaoling, deputy to the National People's Congress and secretary of the Party branch of Huanglian Village, Longquan Tujia Township, Xuanhan County, Sichuan Province, came to Xuanhan again Relevant county departments investigated the situation of rural sewage treatment.

Over the past year, Hu Xiaoling has focused on rural areas in Xuanhan County to gain an in-depth understanding of the improvement of rural living environment.

  During a survey, Hu Xiaoling came to the home of Zhang Xuecheng, a villager from the second group of Huanglian Village. The family was busy in the newly built kitchen.

Hu Xiaoling discovered that the water after washing the vegetables flowed directly into the gutter in front of the house along the drain outlet, with oily flowers on it.

"The domestic sewage in my house can only be discharged directly into the ditch in front of the door. It smells really bad in summer." Zhang Xuecheng said.

Hu Xiaoling saw it in her eyes and remembered it in her heart.

  Soon after, Hu Xiaoling came to the home of Liu Futai, a villager from Group 3 of Huanglian Village.

"We don't know how to deal with domestic waste now. Burning it on the spot or dumping it outside will not work, which will affect the ecological environment. If we process it centrally, we live scattered and the cost is high, what should we do?" Liu Futai said.

  Hu Xiaoling knows that dealing with sewage and garbage cannot be done overnight.

To this end, she visited many villages in Sichuan for research, and also went to Yunnan, Guizhou and other places to study.

In her research notes, she wrote down her thoughts and thoughts: To find out the current situation of sewage, "one village, one meter" should conduct a thorough investigation of the current situation of rural sewage production, black water and gray water discharge, water environment, etc.; to improve Operation and maintenance management system for rural domestic sewage treatment facilities...

  “The rural domestic waste transfer system has been effectively strengthened.” “The problem of direct discharge of human and animal excrement has gradually been improved.”… In early February, Hu Xiaoling came to Xuanhan County Ecological Environment Bureau, County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and other departments with issues of concern to the masses. After the visit, she was very pleased with the survey results.

"It doesn't matter if it's difficult or tiring. What's important is to express the voices of the masses so that issues of concern to the masses can be resolved in a timely manner." Hu Xiaoling said.

Reporter's Notes

Taking root at the grassroots level to relieve people’s worries

  It is Hu Xiaoling’s normal work routine to visit many places and understand the voices of the people.

She has been taking root at the grassroots level all year round, listening to people's voices, conveying public opinions, and resolving people's worries.

  "Only when your heart is at the grassroots level can you truly speak for the people." During the interview, Hu Xiaoling said, "As a representative of the National People's Congress, I bear heavy responsibilities. The more in-depth I perform my duties, the deeper my understanding of responsibilities becomes. We need to go deeper into the grassroots and listen to the voices of the folks.”

  Song Haoxin

  (People's Daily)