In the case where the parents were arrested for killing their 4-year-old second daughter by ingesting harmful chemicals, investigators have learned that the mother had told people around her that she had "lost the ability to love" her second daughter. I found this out through an interview.

Kenichi Hosoya (43), a company executive in Tokyo's Taito Ward, and his wife Shiho Hosoya (37) exposed their second daughter, 4-year-old Miki, to harmful chemicals found in car antifreeze in March last year. He was arrested on suspicion of murdering the victim by ingesting ``ethylene glycol.''

According to research so far, when Miki was two months old, the couple had a fight and Shiho set her clothes on fire on the balcony, so she was temporarily taken into the custody of a child guidance center for about six months. .

Her protection was lifted on the condition that she use a daycare facility, and she returned to her home, but around that time, Shiho began to tell people around her that she had "no longer felt any love for her second daughter." This was revealed through interviews with investigators.

According to people involved, Kenichi and his relatives took almost no part in raising Miki, and were responsible for raising Miki.

On the other hand, the other two children were also seen to be active, so the Metropolitan Police Department is also investigating the actual childcare situation at the time.

In response to the investigation, suspect Kenichi has denied the charges, and suspect Shiho has remained silent.