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Updated Thursday, February 22, 2024-08:07

Several films from the classic Japanese animation (anime)

Mazinger Z

can be viewed for free starting this Thursday on


in a campaign promoted by the film production company


to raise funds for the reconstruction of areas affected by the New Year's earthquake.

The film 'Mazinger Z vs.

General Dark' (1974) will be available starting at 9:00 p.m. local time (12:00 GMT) on the

Toei Theater Online

channel of the aforementioned audiovisual platform and can be viewed for two weeks, as announced by the production company in a statement.

Starting on February 29 and for the same period of time you can see 'Great Mazinger vs.

Getta Robot' (1975) and on March 7 'UFO Robot Grendizer vs.

Great Mazinger' (1976).

The revenue collected from advertising during the free-to-air broadcasts of the titles will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support the reconstruction work of the

Noto Peninsula

, the epicenter of the strong Japanese earthquake at the beginning of the year.

Go Nagai

, author of Mazinger Z, is a native of Wajima, one of the towns hardest hit by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake on January 1, which left 241 dead, 2.44 million tons of debris and left thousands in need. of displaced people.

The manga artist already announced at the time the donation of 20 million yen (about 123,000 euros) to the

Ishikawa prefecture

, to which Noto belongs, to help with reconstruction.

The author had a museum in his hometown, the

Go Nagai Wonderland

, which was destroyed by the flames of a massive fire caused by the earthquake in the area, although it was later learned that the works inside were left intact thanks to fireproof measures. adopted at the facilities.