China News Service, Beijing, February 22 (Wei Xianghui, Zhang Yuhui) Influenced by the Spring Festival movie "Hot and Spicy", fitness may become the hottest project this spring.

When Jia Ling, who successfully lost 100 pounds, appeared on the big screen, many viewers' enthusiasm for fitness was ignited, and their first step was to find a reliable fitness coach.

  Promotional poster for the movie "Hot and Spicy"

"Hot and Hot" brings fitness trend

  During this year's Spring Festival, the movie "Hot" directed and starring Jia Ling leads the total box office. As of press time, the total box office is 3 billion yuan, ranking first.

In addition to regular road shows and promotions, "Jia Ling loses 100 pounds" has become the most talked about topic for this movie.

  At the same time, the fitness industry has also been affected, also showing a "hot" consumption trend.

A staff member of a fitness studio from Jiangsu told China News that in previous years, the peak period for new customer inquiries and registrations was usually after the Lantern Festival, but this year it was earlier, with many people signing up for trial classes around the eighth day of the Lunar New Year.

  In addition to the slightly earlier schedule, the staff member also said that more and more people are asking for personal trainers. “In the past, we had to take the initiative to find members to take personal training classes. Now, members come to us to find out which trainer is the best. "He said.

  In addition to regular classes, demand for the boxing classes that Jia Ling practiced in the film has also increased.

"Recently, many people have watched movies and asked if there are boxing classes. We are recruiting coaches." This staff member said that personal trainers for boxing classes are usually more expensive than ordinary classes, but after the recent popularity, members who are interested in signing up have become more and more popular. Come more and more.

  Several boxing gyms and gyms in Beijing told China News Service that in the past, mostly teenagers signed up for boxing classes. Now, the number of adult boxing consultations has also increased significantly, especially the number of female customers.

  The picture is taken by Wei Xianghui from a gym in Beijing

Some people spend 100,000 yuan a year on private tutoring

  In "Hot and Spicy", the heroine Le Ying successfully lost fat in about a year, and was able to complete physical training projects such as deadlifts of 120KG, weight-bearing pull-ups, etc., and finally reached the standard for participating in boxing matches. She cannot do without personal care. Teach He Kun for guidance and help.

  Seeking a personal trainer is the first step for many people to start working out.

Ms. Liu from Beijing started looking for a personal trainer to work out in January last year.

Similar to Jia Ling's experience in the film, Ms. Liu also lost weight at a large weight base. The training courses she signed up for included boxing and regular training.

  Ms. Liu said that she started out with zero basics in fitness and chose personal training because she wanted to train regularly under the leadership of professionals.

At present, my weight has been reduced from nearly 200 kilograms to about 130 kilograms now, and I have lost 70 kilograms in one year.

  However, hiring a fitness personal trainer is not cheap.

China News Network learned that the price of a 60-minute adult boxing class alone is around 450 yuan, and some classes cost nearly 700 yuan.

Although the price of regular fitness training is slightly cheaper, the price of a single session is also 200-300 yuan.

  Ms. Liu told China News that overall, she spent about 100,000 yuan on fitness in the past year.

She takes 6 private lessons a week, each including a regular class and a boxing class.

  The picture shows Ms. Liu taking a boxing class. Photo provided by the interviewee

The barriers to entry are low, and some coaches can work without training.

  In the movie, the price of boxing classes at the gym is 300 yuan per class. When Leying did not pay the full class fee, the owner of the gym still asked her to continue training and later used the boxing match appearance fee to make up for the class fees. This situation I'm afraid it's hard to come across in reality.

  China News Network visited many gyms and found that fitness instructors have a wide variety of qualification certificates.

For example, China Bodybuilding Association Professional Fitness Instructor Certificate, Personal Coach Vocational Skills Training Certificate, Advanced Private Fitness Coach Certificate, etc.

The sources of these certificates are mainly from the State Sports General Administration or the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, fitness associations and social training institutions.

Among them, training institutions issue the largest proportion of certificates, but they can basically be bought by spending money on training classes.

  A fitness coach said that the threshold for this industry is not high, and most entrants do not need relevant professional background. Some can start working directly after a few months of training, and some have not even participated in training.

In addition, they also undertake sales tasks while teaching, which is directly related to their income.

  Many people find it difficult to concentrate on improving their business under performance pressure.

In "Hot and Spicy", there is a plot where the coach only "sweet talks" to the female students during training in order to sell cards and stabilize customers, and does not take the female students to train seriously.

Some netizens complained that this happens in gyms in real life.

  Ms. Liu suggested not to consider gyms with particularly high turnover of coaches.

"If you buy a class with coach A, A will get a commission. But if A leaves and you take classes with another coach, the other coach may not be able to teach you well. Because he is taking you for the remaining classes. In addition, if If the gym is closed, the other party will not inform you in advance, and it will be difficult to defend your rights." (End)