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Road traffic in Rome

Photo: Dominika Zarzycka / ZUMA Wire / IMAGO

It was intended to urge young drivers to put away their cell phones: However, an Italian driving safety video attracted attention on Wednesday because the actresses were not wearing seatbelts.

The video, produced for the Italian Ministry of Transport, shows four young women traveling in a car when the passenger shows a video on her cell phone.

The driver is given the choice of watching the video immediately or later when she is no longer behind the wheel.

If the driver decides to watch the video, the car crashes.

On the other hand, if she decides to watch it later, the accident will be avoided.

»Possible error in the campaign«

But viewers quickly noticed a problem: “Matteo Salvini, the young women forgot to buckle up,” wrote politician Giulia Pastorella on the online service X, formerly Twitter.

Salvini is the deputy prime minister responsible for transport and wrote on X at the start of the campaign: "Make the only possible decision, because it is about your life and the lives of others."

At the request of the AFP news agency, the Italian Ministry of Transport admitted a “possible error” in the campaign.

It should draw attention to the three main causes of accidents among young drivers: the use of smartphones, excessive speed and the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.