Regarding the issue of inappropriate physical restraint at a special nursing home in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, where residents' beds were surrounded by fences, the chairman of the facility's operating corporation responded to media interviews on the 22nd. ``The physical restraint was a last-ditch measure due to a lack of manpower, and I had no choice but to do it, but I deeply regret it,'' he said, adding that he would work to prevent it from happening again.

At the special nursing home "Erakuen" in Hakodate City, physical restraints, which are prohibited in principle under the Nursing Care Insurance Act, were routinely practiced, such as surrounding the beds of residents with fences to restrain their behavior. The matter has come to light and the city is currently investigating.

On the 22nd, Tatsuhiko Suga, chairman of the social welfare corporation ``Esan Keiaikai,'' which operates the facility, responded to media interviews and stated that as a result of an internal investigation to date, ▽The beds of

six residents were fenced off. It was


revealed that two residents were found to have wrapped their bodies tightly in towels, etc.

Although it has been confirmed through interviews with staff that the physical restraints had been in place since at least two years ago, it is unclear exactly when they began.

Chairman Suga admitted that he was aware that it amounted to abuse, but said, ``Physical restraint was a last-ditch measure due to a lack of manpower, and we had no choice but to do it out of necessity.There was a naive idea that it would be tolerated for a short period of time, but I am not responsible.'' It was my fault, and I am deeply remorseful,'' he said, and expressed his intention to apologize directly to the residents as well.

In addition to continuing to conduct internal investigations, the company will take measures to prevent recurrence, including conducting training for employees, and will submit a detailed report to the city next week.

Meanwhile, Hakodate City has decided to wait for the report to be submitted before proceeding with a detailed investigation into whether the incident constituted abuse.