A host at a host club in Shinjuku's Kabukicho coercively told a female customer that she would go to jail and forced her to apply for a loan from a consumer loan in order to collect the "accounts receivable" that had been paid for food and drinks. He was arrested as such.

The suspect arrested is Shintaro Obokata, a host of the host club "Since you α" in Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, in December of last year, in order to collect the ``accounts receivable'' that had been paid for the food and drinks, he told a female customer in an intimidating manner that ``the vendor will be there to collect the money'' and ``she will go to jail.'' He is suspected of violating a Tokyo metropolitan ordinance that prohibits violent collection of fees by having the consumer apply for a loan.

He is believed to have charged the woman 930,000 yen as "accounts receivable" by ordering expensive alcoholic beverages, etc., and repeatedly asked for payment by calling the woman and sending messages on her smartphone.

The host is believed to have approached a woman on the street in Kabukicho in October of last year without disclosing that he was the host, and after a series of interactions with the woman, made her fall in love with him and allowed her to visit his restaurant.

This means that they are withholding their approval or disapproval of the investigation.

The Metropolitan Police Department has also submitted documents to the public prosecutor's office on the same charges regarding the company that operates the store, and is conducting a detailed investigation into the actual state of the store's operations.