Three years ago, a second-year male student committed suicide at a private high school in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, leaving behind a suicide note complaining of being bullied.Fukuoka Prefecture conducted a re-investigation as requested by the student's mother. We have announced our policy to do so.

In March 2021, Yudai, a second-year student at Fukuoka High School attached to Tokai University in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, committed suicide after leaving a suicide note complaining of bullying within the Kendo club he belonged to. Regarding the report of the school's third-party committee, which concluded that the direct cause of the incident could not be determined, the mother of Fukuoka said, ``She did not focus squarely on the pain and regret that her son was experiencing.'' They asked the prefecture to re-investigate.

Regarding this, Fukuoka Prefecture received a report on the 14th of this month from the prefecture's third-party committee that considers re-investigations into bullying, stating that a re-investigation is necessary. We have clarified our implementation policy.

The prefectural third-party committee's report states that a re-investigation is necessary because the facts of the bullying are not sufficiently clear, there is room to reconsider the school's measures to prevent recurrence, and This is because the claims of the student's parents are recognized as reasonable.

Yudai's mother said, ``We are very grateful for the prompt decision.We hope that the facts will be further clarified and that the cause of Yudai having to choose death will be properly identified.'' I want to have it," he commented.