According to the weather forecaster, the weather is warm in the Central Federal District, and in the Moscow zone, the anomaly is almost 4-6 degrees above normal.

“The southern federal district, beyond Moscow, St. Petersburg, Komi and almost to Taimyr, the temperature is rising abnormally.

If we take Moscow, the weather is quite good, one might say spring.

Daytime temperatures today are -1...+1 °С, at night -1...+1 °С.

Tomorrow during the day it will be +1...+3 °С, and on Saturday night -1...+1 °С.

On Saturday during the day +1...+3 °C and then Sunday at night and during the day -3...+2 °C,” said Tsygankov.

He added that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the temperature will drop to -2...-7 °C at night, but during the day the temperature will remain at -4...+1 °C.

“And even on Wednesday, February 28, during the day -2...+3 °C, although at night -6...-11 °C and partly cloudy,” noted RT’s interlocutor.

The forecaster also warned that the atmospheric front from the cyclone will “go south.”

“That’s why there is heavy precipitation, rain and sleet in Crimea today.

There is also snow in the mountains, there is a danger of avalanches everywhere,” Tsygankov concluded.

Earlier, the head of the situation center of Roshydromet, Yuri Varakin, spoke about the weather in new regions of Russia in the coming days.