“Life is not only about the wolfberries in front of you, but also massages and foot baths in the distance.” Recently, “crispy-skinned young people” are keen on traditional Chinese medicine massage, Baduanjin, moxibustion, scraping and other traditional Chinese medicine treatments or health care methods, often selling thousands of yuan a month. Health care has become a hot search topic.

On New Year's Eve, the traditional Baduanjin was even put on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage.

  Among my relatives and friends, there are indeed many young people who think that traditional Chinese medicine health care is "really delicious". From which traditional Chinese medicine hospital can I go to the massage department, to which department should I go to for shoulder and neck pain and backache, and what kind of medicine should be prescribed for gastrointestinal discomfort. What about health tea? Nowadays, health knowledge has become a must-have topic for interacting with young people.

  From the previous "punk health care" to rescuing "brittle young people", in recent years, with the acceleration of the pace of work and life, young people's attention to healthy living has been increasing. Many young people are worried about the consequences of physical discomfort in the future. The quality has declined and they pay more attention to health information. Health care is regarded by them as a way of "loving yourself".

  This health anxiety is not without reason.

According to statistics, diseases that were common among middle-aged and elderly people in the past, such as diabetes, cataracts, and stroke, have begun to affect young people. Due to long-term use of computers and mobile phones, lack of exercise, etc., cervical and lumbar spine diseases are also gradually affecting younger people. .

  Youth is supposed to be full of vitality and all body functions are in optimal condition. If young people twist their necks when they stretch or bulge their lumbar discs when they sneeze, how can they still have the energy to pursue the life they long for?

  In fact, many young people also understand that the root cause of a red light in their physical condition is nothing more than bad living and eating habits.

If you stay up late, you will take "liver-protecting tablets", if you eat too much, you will find "anti-sugar pills"... This kind of self-compensating health regimen cannot really allow people to have a healthy body.

As a traditional Chinese medicine expert said, calming down to read a book and chatting with friends can also relieve physical fatigue - sometimes health care is so simple and you don’t have to spend so much money.

  Under the surface of the "health craze", how to help young people learn to live healthily and find a healthy lifestyle that truly suits them is a question that the entire society needs to think about.

For example, whether colleges and universities have planned enough health education and physical exercise time for students, whether employers have strengthened occupational health management, carried out employee health literacy monitoring, improved the working environment, etc.

  In addition, it should be noted that with the demand for various types of health care, the health care industry is becoming increasingly prosperous, but there are many pseudo-scientific products under the banner of "health care".

Right now, it’s probably not only “our parents” but also ourselves who need to beware of “health” scams.

How much of the health care bills that often cost thousands of dollars is IQ tax? Young people need to keep their eyes open and "squeeze out" the "moisture" from it themselves.

  "Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." This sentence comes from the British writer Oscar Wilde. It is regarded as a life motto by many young people, and it also fits their pursuit of a self-consistent life.

The plan for the year starts with spring, so "crispey young people" might as well set goals this spring, go to bed early, get up early, and exercise more.

Loving yourself starts with a healthy life.

  Qu Xinyue

  (Worker Daily)