On the stage of the 2024 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, an original dance program called "Koi" stunned audiences across the country.

The 11 first-class dancers from Huaxiao transformed into koi carp swimming in the water. To the beautiful background music of "Big Fish", they simulated the underwater state with flying postures, wishing Chinese people all over the world prosperity and good luck every year.

  Young dancer Hua Xiaoyi once won the first prize in two "Taoli Cup" dance competitions with her classical dance "Luo Fuxing" and "Dian Lips". These two solo dances also became "textbook-level models" for later classical dance candidates. .

She also won the Chinese Dance "Lotus Award" for "Red Flag", "Waiting" and "Awakening".

  Serving as the lead dancer of "Koi" this time is Hua Xiaoyi's first time on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage.

  "Koi symbolizes good luck, peace, harmony, and abundance. So as the new year comes, I also hope that everyone can have more than enough every year. Peace and success, and fish leaping over the dragon's gate." In an interview with China Youth Daily·China Youth Network During the interview, Hua Xiaoyi reviewed the gains of the past year and sent New Year blessings to readers of China Youth Daily.

  "We used koi carp to express the aesthetic color of China's Oriental. The red and white of the clothes are like ink. At the end of the show, in the air, we were like a fish pond, with 10 'koi carps' holding hands and feet. I jumped in the middle, Then it spins, just like a fish spinning in circles in the water, and finally jumps out with a bang, showing the state of 'fish leaping over the dragon's gate'. The image and beauty of the dance leave room for imagination."

  In "Koi", each dancer uses the method of "wire + spring rope" to restore the agile state of fish floating in the water.

  Hua Xiaoyi introduced that in the past, when dancers hung wires, they usually hung two wires on both sides of the crotch. However, this time the actors in "Koi" only had one wire on their lower back, so the whole person was hanging on the waist. There is no way to control the direction in the air. "It's like the feeling when I perform 'floating in water' in the air. It's difficult to control at the beginning to land on the same point every time. I can't take advantage of it. I can only explore slowly and work hard." Ensure the overall arrangement is neat.”

  Hua Xiaoyi said that for more than three months, they were in a "hanging" state every day.

  "We call ourselves the same as bacon. We hang around for 8 to 12 hours at most every day. To be honest, it's really hard on our bodies. Although you can wear protective gear during rehearsals, you can't wear it when you go on stage because I know how to 'cross the gang', so it's very physically demanding."

  What is it like to rehearse dance every day?

Hua Xiaoyi said that when he went home and lay on the bed after rehearsal every day, he felt as if he was still wearing wire pants. "My lumbar spine was about to break." I’m a little afraid to face it.”

  "If you drink too much water and go to the toilet all the time, it will affect everyone's rehearsal, so we discussed going to the toilet together and drinking water together. Once the wire is hung up, it basically won't come down for three hours. And the place where we rehearse is It was very cold, so we were dressed very bulky, and we really looked like little fat koi fish at that time; the wire rope was very hard on our hands, so we would wear gloves, otherwise our hands would be worn out.”

  Hua Xiaoyi said that each of them hopes that "Koi" is different and can bring new ideas to audiences across the country, so everyone knows that hard work is essential and no one complains about hard work.

  During the rehearsal process, Hua Xiaoyi had an accident.

"When working with Wia, there was a two-second delay. As a result, there was not enough space for the elastic cord, and my left shoulder hit the ground. I took a CT scan, and luckily the bone was fine. Then I did acupuncture, massage, and stretching. The bones are still cracking to this day, but it didn’t affect my official performance on New Year’s Eve.”

  Hua Xiao mentioned that the difficult dance moves that the audience sees today are actually carefully selected from hundreds or thousands of moves.

"Rehearsal is a process from 0 to 1, from nothing to something. It is very difficult. You have to try out the moves one by one and explore what possibilities there are and what possibilities there are."

  The "Koi" stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala was completed by Hua Xiaoyi and 10 freshmen from the Beijing Dance Academy.

  Hua Xiaoyi lamented that it is very rare for such a young actor to complete such a difficult work - "The program team and director believe in these 17 or 18-year-old children."

  "Today's stage needs to give young people opportunities, believe in them, and give them time." As the "senior sister" of 10 freshmen at Beijing Dance University, Hua Xiaoyi hopes to perform "Touyu" well and set a good example for the junior sisters.

  When Hua Xiao has free time, she will watch the video repeatedly and practice in front of the mirror, hoping that her body will be more flexible.

"I will look at many different types of koi on the Internet. There must be more than 100 species. You must not only capture the characteristics of the fish, but also use this image to express people's thoughts and aesthetics."

  During the rehearsal process, sometimes several actors would shed tears because they could not fulfill the requirements. Hua Xiao felt very sad when she saw this.

"I thought at that time, I have to do better and set an example, so that the sisters will be more determined and feel that this action is achievable and not unattainable, so I also gave it to them invisibly. I share the pressure."

  "These young freshmen have such an opportunity to participate in the Spring Festival Gala and experience it when they first enter the school. I believe this is a very good learning process." Before the Spring Festival Gala officially went on stage, a junior sister said to Hua Xiaoyi: " Sister, I’m scared.”

  Hua Xiaoyi comforted the junior sister: "Don't be afraid. We have been practicing for so long. It's time to show off. Let's go up and perform. We are the 'koi carp'. As long as we believe in our roles, we will be that koi carp." , there won’t be so many distracting thoughts. We have rehearsed for so long just for this moment." After being encouraged by the senior sister, the junior sister calmed down her nervousness.

  On New Year's Eve, when the 11 dancers finished "Koi" and came off the stage, everyone hugged each other and shed tears.

  "I am very excited and sad at the same time. This journey has ended like this. It just happened yesterday. It passed by in a flash. Everyone is still very reluctant to part with each other and cherish the time we spent working together. , although it is bitter, the fruit is sweet.”

  Human life is limited, and the so-called life is to use up every moment of life.

This is Hua Xiaoyi’s life belief.

  In 2023, her dance drama "The Moment" will be on the stage of the National Center for the Performing Arts again after 6 years.

On the stage of the National Center for the Performing Arts, many clips touched the hearts of the audience.

For example, the final chapter of "The Moment" shows Hua Xiaoyi dancing vigorously on white glue covered with oil.

She kept falling and rising, sometimes exhausted, sometimes standing tall.

The trembling body is full of persistence.

  Being authentic, without any falsehood, and without taking shortcuts, this is the challenge of dance art, and it is also the charm of dance in Hua Xiao's eyes.

  "Although the dance I dance and the content I express are personal to me, they are actually shared by everyone among all living beings."

  Combined with the theme of "Koi", Hua Xiaoyi said frankly that every individual life is like a koi leaping over the dragon's gate. At different stages of life, there are moments of sinking into the bottom and moments of highlight when the fish leaps over the dragon's gate.

And the leap here was achieved through my own efforts bit by bit.

  She said that she would never forget why she started dancing and how passionate her love was when she started.

"As always, run towards the light in your heart to illuminate yourself, and at the same time, it can also illuminate everyone who sees us in the audience."

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Shen Jiequn Source: China Youth Daily