Affected by the cold wave and severe weather, many schools in Hunan have issued notices to postpone the start of school to ensure the safety of teachers and students.

  On February 21, the Hunan Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicted that due to the eastward movement of the upper-altitude trough and the strong cold air on the ground, there would be freezing rain in parts of northern and central Hunan during the day on the 21st, and local heavy rain in southern Hunan, accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorms and strong winds. Severe convective weather such as hail; freezing rain continued in central Hunan and northern Hunan from the evening of the 21st to the 23rd, with light snow or sleet in northwestern Hunan.

  On February 20, Hunan Vocational and Technical College of Posts and Telecommunications issued a notice on adjusting the start time of the spring semester in 2024. It stated that due to extreme weather conditions, in order to ensure the safety of school students on their way back to school, the school decided to postpone the original spring start time for students by one week. , students will register on March 3 (Sunday), and classes will officially begin on March 4 (Monday).

Faculty and staff working hours remain unchanged as originally planned.

  In addition, Hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College, Hunan Transportation Vocational and Technical College, Hunan Safety Technology Vocational College and other schools have also announced that the return of students to school and the start of school will be delayed.

  The opening times of primary and secondary schools in some cities and prefectures in Hunan have also been adjusted.

The Yiyang Municipal Education Bureau informed that due to the impact of rain, snow and freezing weather, in order to ensure the safety of teachers and students, all types of schools in Yiyang City (except for senior high school students who are already reviewing in school) and other grades (including kindergartens) will be postponed to February 28. Or school will start on the 29th.

According to previously announced notices, primary and secondary schools in Yiyang City are scheduled to open on February 25th and 26th.

  (CCTV News Client)