The 8-day lively Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon has come to an end. Some people say that this year’s Spring Festival has a lot of “home-cooked dishes” and even “spicy hotpot” is on the table.

So, will there be any new dishes in the "post-Spring Festival" movie market?

  Don’t panic, movie fans. The first lunar month of the lunar calendar lasts until March 9th. This period includes the Lantern Festival and Women’s Day. Imported blockbusters have to take on important responsibilities. In addition to the re-releases of "Oppenheimer" and "Dune", there are also "Agai". "The Secret Agent", "Mrs. Spider-Man: Awakening" and "Dune 2".

In terms of domestic films, "I Still Think You're the Best 2", "Zhou Chu's Three Evils", "Chasing the Moon", etc. are also very popular.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Kong Xiaoping

  Imported films

  Watching two "Dune" movies in a row is a huge bonus for movie fans

  A sky full of yellow sand, giant spaceships, mysterious giant sandworms... The Hollywood epic "Dune" is known as "the ultimate collision of classical sense and science fiction", and occupies an important position in the film list of science fiction movie fans.

  "Dune" will be released in mainland China in 2021 and received ten nominations at the 94th Academy Awards, ultimately winning Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Art Direction, and Best Original The soundtrack has won six awards and is also one of the important masterpieces in director Denis Villeneuve's creative career.

  The story background of the first part tells the story: Under the guidance of fate, Paul, a young man with extraordinary talents, went to the most dangerous sand dune planet in the vast universe with his family and people, and embarked on a thrilling adventure.

The Dune planet is the origin of the spice "melangzin", one of the most precious resources in the universe, which has also caused all forces to join the battlefield to compete for resources.

  "Dune" will be re-released on March 1st, and "Dune 2" will be released on March 8th. The stories of the two films are closely related. Watching the two films will build a complete Dune world for the audience.

  It is reported that in "Dune 2", Paul will make a counterattack and return the king, joining forces with the Fremen army to fight against the combined army of the Padishah Emperor and the Harkonnens.

  In the midst of a much-anticipated massive sandstorm, Paul rallies an army of giant sandworm riders to avenge the Harkonnens and challenge the Emperor.

This is the original famous scene that fans of the "Dune" series are most looking forward to, and it is also the most anticipated big-screen audio-visual feast for global audiences in 2024.

  The emergence of another "Chosen One" candidate, Federer-Rosa Harkonnen, blocked Paul's road to revenge.

All of this is a shocking conspiracy spanning ten thousand years carefully laid out by the Sisterhood, the most mysterious organization in the universe.

  Although the box office volume of Hollywood sequels in China has been declining in recent years, industry insiders said that the fan base of "Dune 2" is very stable.

  "Eating so well at the beginning of the new year", the new superhero is coming

  “It’s just the beginning of the New Year, and we’re already eating so well.” This is how many netizens lamented about the upcoming release of the superhero movie “Mrs. Spider: Awakening.”

  The movie will tell the origin story of "Mrs. Spider-Man", the most mysterious female superhero in Marvel comics, which is her youth.

Dakota Johnson plays Cathy (Mrs. Spider), an emergency medical worker. Due to an accident, she awakens the ability to foresee the future. In the process of exploring the origin of the ability, she is closely linked to the fate of the three spider women.

  Unlike other fighting superheroes, Mrs. Spider does not rely on force but relies on brainpower to win by wit. Such an image of a female superhero with good looks and high IQ may bring some freshness to the audience.

  After "Kingsman", "Mysterious Agent" is expected to create a new series

  The movie "Argyle: The Secret Agent" is another film by director Matthew Vaughn that focuses on the story of an agent after the "Kingsman" series.

  The director once again tried to subvert genres with "Argyle: The Secret Agent", and even planned to become a series.

The film revolves around the works of spy novelist Yelly Conway. The lonely Yelly Conway has always lived a low-key life, but unexpectedly the secret agent stories she created began to have a wonderful connection with the real world. Yelly Conway is peaceful and peaceful. Her life was turned upside down, and she had to take her cat Alfie and agent Aiden to escape pursuit and go on adventures around the world, and the line between the fictional world and the real world she wrote became increasingly blurred. .

  Matthew Vaughn's works have always been good at integrating cool action design and humorous comedy elements, taking the cold-humorous aesthetics of violence to the extreme in a British style of gentleness.

It is reported that the new film will continue his personal style and incorporate the fantasy and suspense genre on this basis.

However, the film's current overseas reputation and box office performance are not as good as expected.

  Domestic films

  Are you still talking about fear of marriage?

"Still Think You're the Best 2" may be inspiring

  Are young people returning home for the Chinese New Year once again faced with topics such as fear of marriage? The comedy movie "Still Think You're the Best 2" to be released during the Lantern Festival may bring some inspiration.

  In 2022, when "Still Think You're the Best" was released, its Douban score once rose to 8.1, and it won 11 nominations at the 41st Hong Kong Film Awards. Wang Yunzhi even won the award for her role as the chef god Piggy in the movie. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The film tells the story of 3 couples, 4 romances, and 5 dinner parties. Behind the scenes are their respective love choices - the eldest brother's ex-girlfriend Monica accidentally became the second brother's current girlfriend. The eldest brother brought the heartthrob Meow Meow home to support the scene. But he gradually fell into the entanglement between his regretful predecessor and his exciting current one.

The second brother and his current girlfriend, as well as childhood sweethearts Zhuzhu and third brother, are also experiencing their own love challenges.

  Continuing the story of the first part, "Still Think You're the Best 2" tells the wedding of the second brother Chen Li and his girlfriend Monica, and the third brother Chen Xi and his girlfriend Zhuzhu.

From the dinner table to the wedding banquet, men and women who are afraid of marriage enter the "love adventure" of marriage by accident.

  The film is currently on the road show. Director Chen Yongshen encourages young people to view marriage positively: "Marriage is not an inevitable option. The most important thing is that you really find someone worth being with for the rest of your life."

  The title of the film comes from a historical allusion, and "Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils" is adapted from a real case.

  The criminal action movie "Zhou Chu Destroy Three Evils" starring Ethan Ruan, Yuan Fuhua, Chen Yiwen and others will be released on March 1. It tells the story of the wanted criminal Chen Guilin, who thought that his life was about to end, so he decided to get rid of the people who were ahead of him on the wanted list. The story of two criminals who became famous.

  The movie is adapted from a real case. Ethan Ruan plays Chen Guilin, who has changed from his previous image of a handsome young boy. His face is covered with beard and his hair is messy.

Ethan Ruan admitted that he was the most panicked when reading the script and had to constantly work hard to find out "Who is Chen Guilin?" He even revealed that in the middle and late stages of filming, he collapsed and couldn't continue filming. "It's not that the pressure of filming is high, but the pressure of being Chen Guilin is high." ".

  It is worth mentioning that the film uses the allusion of "Zhou Chu eliminates three evils" in "Book of Jin: Biography of Zhou Chu" and "Shi Shuo Xin Yu".

According to records, the young man Zhou Chu was tall and powerful, but he ran rampant in the countryside and was disliked by his neighbors.

Later Zhou Chu killed the evil tiger and dragon by himself, and he himself turned back as a prodigal and corrected his evil ways, thus eliminating all three evils.

  "The One I Lost" and "Chasing the Moon" will be released on Women's Day

  A number of films will be released on March 8, among which "I Lost You" starring Tan Jianci and Zhang Jingyi.

  The film tells the story of Bai Xiaoyu and Wang Jinjin, who have known each other for eight years and been in love for five years. After all the trouble, they finally reunited. Now they are hesitating at the door of marriage. They love each other but cannot escape the constraints of reality. Bai Xiaoyu will once again Did you lose Wang Jinjin?

The film is a youth romance film with a certain IP foundation. With the distribution blessing of Lian Rui and the addition of the Women's Day schedule, it may have a box office strength of over 100 million.

  In addition, "Chasing the Moon", the winning work of He Saifei for Best Actress at the 36th China Golden Rooster Award, is adapted from Ai Wei's novel "The Past". It tells the story of a famous Yue opera actor who returns to his hometown in his later years, hoping to regain family ties with his children. However, such expectations are not It did not come true as successfully as imagined.

  The film had previously been screened at film festivals and universities. He Saifei's interpretation of the character Teacher Qi received acclaim. The audience praised "He Saifei is full of drama, and he single-handedly supported this "life is like a drama" drama."

And He Saifei said bluntly, "I will really go crazy if I play this role."

Out of his love for acting, He Saifei chose persistence. With his rigorous and responsible professional attitude and his exquisite interpretation, He Saifei gave Teacher Qi a soul, making him more flesh and blood and vivid on the screen.