China News Service, Nanning, February 22nd (Zhang Guangquan) "The Dragon Walks in China - A Joint Exhibition of Chinese Zodiac Cultural Relics of the Year of the Dragon in Jiachen" is currently being held at the Guangxi Museum.

This exhibition was jointly planned by China Cultural Relics Newspaper and more than 60 cultural and museum institutions. 490 cultural relics and art images with auspicious dragon themes were selected and carried out in various places. Three cultural and museum institutions in Guangxi District participated, including the Guangxi Museum, the Guangxi Museum of Ethnology, and the Guilin Museum. Joint exhibition.

  The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation.

This exhibition includes "Prologue - The Origin and Flow of Zodiac Culture", "Ins and Outs - The Birth and Evolution of the Image of the Dragon", "Dragon Soaring Over the World - The Dragon in History and Culture" and "Descendants of the Dragon - The Dragon in Folk Culture". Five parts including "Dancing with Dragons - Returning to the World of Dinosaurs" allow the audience to appreciate the Chinese dragons in cultural relics up close and feel the charm of traditional Chinese dragon culture on the occasion of the Spring Festival.

Pictured is the exhibition site.

Photo courtesy of Guangxi Museum

  The Jade Dragon of Hongshan Culture, known as the "No. 1 Dragon in China", the majestic He Zun of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the beautifully decorated bronze mirror with Qianqiu dragon pattern of the Tang Dynasty, the elegant and luxurious Jinou Yonggu Cup of the Qing Dynasty... Strolling among the display racks, A series of vivid images of exquisite dragon cultural relics jump into view, presenting tourists with a unique feast of dragon culture.

  The images of cultural relics on display in the joint exhibition include a bronze dragon head and feather pattern, a bronze mirror with a twelve zodiac pattern inscribed with "Huainan Qizhao", a jade belt hook with a dragon head, a bronze square handle with a dragon head, and a dragon engraved Cultural relics such as small tiger-patterned copper pots and dragon-shaped silver ornaments.

The originals of these cultural relics are on display in the "Guangxi Ancient Civilization Exhibition" in Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 of the Guangxi Museum.

  During the exhibition, the Guangxi Museum also launched a variety of offline and online exhibition interactive content such as New Year interactive games, H5 online quizzes, and handicraft experiences.

There are more "dragon" cultural relics hidden in various exhibitions in the museum. Visitors are welcome to go to the exhibition hall to look for "dragons".

  The exhibition is free and open to the audience and will be on display until March 3, 2024.