Israel continues its policy of genocide, destruction and displacement in its war on Gaza amid the absence of firm Arab and Islamic positions to stop the aggression (Anatolia)

History, geopolitical reality, and sociology have taught us one truth; If we consider the Middle East as a table that must stand upright, it must have four legs: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran.

If you break one of the legs of this table, it won't be able to stand upright.

If we want to eat at a standing table, the four countries must stand tall, harmonious and cooperative.

Europe why can't we succeed?

However, real political realities show us that this is not impossible, but rather necessary. After World War II, England, Germany, Italy and France, who were slaughtering each other and killing 70 million people, came together to form the European Union, and no one would have believed this at the time.

But when the interests of the states and peoples living in them were considered, it became clear that the establishment of this union was necessary.

In 1957, in the Orazi Curazi Hall of the Campidoglio Palace in Rome in front of the statue of the Pope, they signed this agreement, while the blood of war had not yet dried on their hands.

They put aside the bloodshed, quarrels and grudges of the past, and signed an agreement that everyone benefits from. In the end, everyone seems to have benefited from this agreement; What prevents us from doing the same?

The Islamic world faces the greatest challenge

Today, the Middle East is experiencing the greatest state of chaos after the World War. There is civil war in 5 countries, and there is major unrest and instability in 10 countries. Due to military coups, economic crises and terrorist attacks.

Also, the Israeli occupation of Palestine and its killing of about 30,000 civilians in Gaza, not to mention Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon, which are being bombed by the United States, Britain, and Israel.

While all these things are happening, Islamic countries cannot work together, make decisions, or intervene in events; We are living in a state of complete paralysis and chaos.

The Islamic world has never witnessed such dispersion before. When the four countries quarrel, such a huge chaos occurs.

But there is only one way around this, and that is to fix the collapsed table. This is why it requires a meeting of the four largest and most important countries in the region, which are the countries that constitute the legs of the table.

Yes, there are major problems between them, serious ideological differences, differences of opinion and conflicts. But believe me, these are nothing more than problems between the countries that make up the European Union.

Whenever these four important countries quarreled, the Islamic world was invaded, its cities were destroyed, and millions of people were displaced from their homes.

Western countries always seek to create strife and conflict between these four important countries to prevent them from meeting and maintaining the stability of the table.

Because of the conflict between Egypt and Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Israel has the freedom to act and occupy Palestine.

  • For this reason, Russia can easily enter Syria and establish a base.

  • For this reason, France could easily bomb Libya and divide it into two parts.

  • For this reason, Britain and the United States could easily bomb Yemen.

  • For this reason, Israel can easily bomb Lebanon and Syria and assassinate figures. And there is worse.

Imperialist countries benefit from the conflicts between these four countries and other countries under their influence, and sell them weapons worth billions of dollars. They even reduce the price of weapons to encourage them to kill each other more.

There will be another occupation and genocide

Yes, we personally have objections to these countries' policies, ideological structures and actions, but it is time to forget all that.

The failure to take joint decisions in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the League of Arab States and the African Union, and the failure to provide assistance to Palestine is also due to the lack of agreement between these four countries.

We live in a very dangerous time. If the Islamic world - especially these four countries - do not come together and agree, the occupation and genocide that Palestine suffered will be suffered by other countries.

The chaos we are experiencing is a great opportunity for the imperialist countries in the East and West that covet the natural resources, oil, and trade of Islamic countries.

Here we also do not forget that the streets of Islamic countries are in a state of extreme anger. Because of the Palestine issue, the reactions to their countries' policies are very great. Even in some countries that have banned demonstrations for Palestine, the people of those countries are trying to express their support for Palestine on social media.

This pressure and difference in policy will not continue like this; Protests and demonstrations against governments will begin in the streets soon.

There will be no geographical area for our children to live in

These four countries should not wait for the streets to catch fire and for further occupation and genocide by Western countries to occur. Rather, it must meet and agree, and then convince other countries to change the fate of the Middle East and the Islamic world.

In President Erdogan's visits to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, they shook hands to put aside differences.

Now is the time for other countries to do the same, and Tehran, Riyadh, Cairo and Ankara must host heads of state and send strong messages to the world.

Otherwise we will have no place left for our children to live.

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