Sora's paid courses are booming, attracting traffic, or do they charge an "IQ tax"?

  Some people claim that "99.9 yuan gives you a chance for your future."

  The door to using Sora has not yet opened, but some businesses have already begun to make money under the banner of Sora.

  "10 ways for ordinary people to make money with Sora" "Sora's big model - entrepreneurial opportunities for ordinary people" "99.9 yuan gives you a chance for your future"... On February 19, reporters from West China Metropolis Daily and Cover News noticed that, After OpenAI released Sora, a large artificial intelligence video model, on the 17th, a "gold-nugget craze" set off on the Internet, and related paid courses were sold frequently.

  On February 20, Zhang Cheng, an employee of a company engaged in large model programming, told reporters that electronic tutorials on how to generate videos and how to write keywords with Sora were very popular. “It is said that Sora sold tens of thousands of copies in the first two days after it came out. , the total sales exceeded one million yuan."

  Regardless of whether Sora after opening to public beta can allow ordinary people to embark on the road to wealth, the "first pot of gold" has already allowed people who are willing to "pay for knowledge" to contribute to the first batch of " Digger”.

  AI novice: Sora has a threshold for use and needs to be learned

  "I came across the news about Sora-generated videos on Xiaohongshu, and then I saw sharing of Sora usage tutorials in the comment areas of some bloggers, and paid for it." Netizen Wang Qi (pseudonym) said that he had always wanted to do it. I am a video blogger, but I don’t know how to edit software. I was very interested in Sora when I saw that it can automatically generate videos, so I immediately purchased the relevant course. "It was 299 yuan when I bought it, but now it seems that you can buy the tutorial for 99.9 yuan."

  Wang Qi said that the electronic tutorial mainly includes the Sora prompt word dictionary, the introduction and usage of the first batch of unlocked stylized templates, and how to use materials Library generated video. "There are also tutorials for creators on how to create business positioning. The price is hundreds of yuan. I didn't buy it because Sora still has a threshold for use. I wanted to see if I can use the software well." Wang Qi said, before buying the Sora tutorial himself In the next three days, more than a hundred people paid to join the community.

  While the outside world is lamenting that the unstoppable train of the times, AI (artificial intelligence), is getting faster and faster, AIGC (generative artificial intelligence) practitioners are thinking about where their future will go. A pet video blogger told reporters that he was still shocked to see the videos generated by Sora. "Although I am not particularly anxious, after all, Sora also has a threshold for use. No matter how real the scene is, it can't compare to reality. There are some emotional things that AI cannot do." But I believe that this kind of AI video will still absorb some traffic."

  The reporter noticed that the official website of OpenAI only has sample videos generated by Sora and basic introductions related to the model. It is not open to public beta. It only has some visual artists and designers. , filmmakers, OpenAI employees and other relevant people gained access to Sora. However, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has "taken orders online" on social platforms: netizens have written prompt words and basic scripts @Sam Altman, and they may be replied with videos generated by Sora.

  Behind the popularity of Sora tutorials, it also highlights the anxiety of stakeholders. On a certain social software, many netizens posted: Sora will make many people unemployed. The first impact will be on industries that do not have high requirements for video length, such as animations and short films in games.

AI blogger: If you can type, you can use it

  Abroad, some criminals have begun to trick Sora into "traffic + payment". Someone launched a shell APP display page, and then directed traffic to the individual or company's Midjourney API, indicating that if the individual or company's API site is an annual paid member, the APP can be tested in advance when it is released.

  On the evening of February 17, local time, Logan, OpenAI’s head of developer relations, posted on a social media platform, “We have not launched access to Sora yet. If you see posts talking about or providing access, they are either satirical , or it's a scam."

  Others have caught up with the traffic of Sora's name. Although the name of the mini program is related to Sora, the content clicked on is completely unrelated. Judging from the path taken by last year's sensational ChatGPT and DELL, there will be no shortage of "IQ tax" scams related to Sora in the future.

  "My point of view has always been consistent. The development of technology is never black and white, but a gradual gray. I know that there are too many ordinary people, or people who have not had much contact with AI, under the impact of Sora. , I was at a loss for a while, especially many friends from film and television companies." Well-known AI blogger Kazik said that ordinary users can stay tuned first, try out a few tools to understand their limitations and drawbacks, and then wait and see. "If you can type, you can use it. What is more tested is your own expressive ability. What is the threshold? The biggest threshold is your own basic professional ability and your expressive ability. So, don't be fooled by public opinion , be coerced by anxiety, let alone be cut by this so-called scythe.” The

  social effects produced by AI will continue to change, but disruptive changes will not come suddenly. Rather than using AI to realize the so-called “class” "Leap", it is better to spend more time tempering yourself in the real world.

  West China Metropolis Daily - cover news reporter Bian Xue