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Attacks on refugees have apparently increased massively

Photo: Sophia Kembowski / dpa

The police recorded significantly more suspected politically motivated attacks on refugees and asylum seekers in Germany in 2023 than in previous years. This emerges from an answer from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a question from left-wing politician Clara Bünger, which SPIEGEL has received. The “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” had previously reported on the figures.

Accordingly, the security authorities registered a total of 2,378 attacks on refugees and asylum seekers outside asylum accommodation, including 313 violent crimes. 219 people were injured.

"Very worrying, but not surprising"

Most recently, there were 2,545 more crimes against refugees in 2016. The numbers also almost doubled compared to the previous year: according to the Interior Ministry, 1,248 attacks against refugees outside of accommodation were registered in 2022. The security authorities also recorded 180 crimes against refugee accommodation - the highest number since 2017. At that time there were 284.

“The enormous increase in crimes against refugees is very worrying, but does not come as a surprise,” said left-wing politician Bünger. Against the background of the stricter EU asylum policy, the federal government's tougher deportation rules and the success of the AfD, she added: "It is no wonder that racists feel emboldened in such a social situation to put the omnipresent resentment into action and attack refugees .”