To say that Florian Opitz's new documentary series "Capital B - Who Owns Berlin?" has been critically acclaimed is a grand understatement. The reactions are anthemic. Taz, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, “FAZ”, and also SPIEGEL are blown away. The five-part series starts with the fall of the Berlin Wall and covers the period up to the 2021 Berlin referendum on the expropriation of the real estate group Vonovia. Opitz always changes perspective. Both political and economic decision-makers will have their say, as will representatives of the subculture that quickly developed after reunification: from the founder of the techno club Tresor to Berlin's long-time puppet master Klaus-Rüdiger Landowsky to the former governing mayor Klaus Wowereit, the musician Peter Fox and Neuköllns Integration officer Güner Balci.

Director Florian Optiz

Photo: DJV

In the “Moreno+1” podcast, Opitz describes the different phases and moods that Berlin has experienced over the last 30 years. »It started in 1990 with a summer of anarchy in which anything seemed possible. Then came a phase in which Berlin thought it would soon be able to keep up with New York. This was followed by a severe crash, which turned into an upswing a good 15 years ago, which has now slowed down again," says Opitz. Basically, Berlin is now back at the beginning. A city that goes in circles. Due to the collapse of the commercial real estate market, a lot of buildings are currently empty again - which theoretically offer freedom for creativity, says Opitz. Just like 30 years ago, after the end of the GDR.

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