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Estimated for the tidy sum of $10 million, part of singer Elton John's private collection is preparing to be auctioned starting this Wednesday at Christie's in New York.

Elton John is getting rid of some of his memorabilia during an auction which takes place starting this Wednesday in New York. The famous auction house Christie's is responsible for the inventory and the sale. Piano, stage costumes, paintings etc... A varied collection which is estimated at 10 million dollars.

This sale looks like a chic Ali Baba's cave. Elton John's wardrobe is first of all extravagant. It is composed, among other things, of a pair of rhinestone glasses, silver ankle boots, luxury leopard-print watches and a collection of baroque-print silk Versace shirts. These pieces are considered works of art by Elton John. 


Elton John, the legendary artist of British music

"I love them but I've only worn half of them. I just wanted to hang them in my closet like an art installation," the artist said of the collectibles. 

A million and a half dollar Banksy

This sale also reveals Elton John's obsession with contemporary art. The artist owns photos of Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, works by Keith Haring and the most expensive piece, a triptych signed Banksy, estimated at one and a half million dollars. 

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Works that sat near a grand piano and a pinball machine also on sale in his Atlanta villa. 30 years of memories that Sir Elton John is parting with to make some space according to his entourage and to raise at least 10 million dollars.