Julien Pichené, with Solène Delinger 10:52 a.m., February 21, 2024

Julia Vignali will soon host a musical game called “Voix de stars” on France 2. The concept is simple: 12 amateur singers will follow one another on stage and imitate a known artist like Angèle or Dalida. A jury will then have to choose the best vocal double. 

Julia Vignali will soon present a new show on France 2. Entitled

Voix de stars

, the musical game produced by DMLS, a subsidiary of Banijay, is bringing a breath of fresh air to TV. At a time when television is still recycling concepts that are sometimes more than 20 years old (like

Star Academy

), DMLS is very proud to present a 100% original concept.

“We are going to elect the best vocal double”

Here it is: amateur singers will follow one another on stage. Their particularity? They are vocally a dead ringer for a well-known artist. They sing like Dalida, or like Angèle for example. “It’s musical entertainment. We are going to elect the best vocal double, the person whose voice is closest to the original artist,” explains Julia Vignali at the microphone of Europe 1. “I think you will be amazed by certain talents who, like Jean-Baptiste Guégan, will fill rooms,” she assures. 


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Liane Foly and Jarry on the jury

Who will elect the best candidate? The public and a jury made up of four celebrities, namely Jarry, the impersonator Véronique Dicaire, the impersonator Michaël Gregorio and the singer Liane Foly. Originality of this entertainment: from one candidate to another, the jurors will only have access to the image or sound of the performance. There will be 12 candidates per show. Two bonuses are planned for the moment. Broadcast dates should be revealed soon...