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In Lower Bavaria, unknown people paid with counterfeit money from a carnival float (symbolic image)

Photo: Christoph Schmidt / dpa

At a carnival parade in Triftern in Lower Bavaria, unknown people took counterfeit money from the outside of a parade van and paid with it. As the police have now announced, two banknotes of the so-called Movie Money were found in Triftern (Rottal-Inn district) during a checkout on Carnival Sunday.

A few days later, two more counterfeit banknotes were handed in to the police. The Passau criminal police are now investigating suspected counterfeiting of money.

Movie Money is counterfeit money that is actually used as a film prop. The banknotes also have a print on them to indicate that they are counterfeit money. However, according to police, Movie Money can look confusingly similar to real banknotes.

In this context, the police once again point out the security features of real banknotes. These can be recognized by, among other things, solid paper, watermarks, holograms and security strips.