A former temporary employee of a subsidiary of NTT West Japan has been charged with violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Act for illegally taking customer information from a company in Okayama Prefecture and leaking it to a listing agent.

According to investigators, in the series of leaks, customer information of companies and other companies was sold to multiple directory companies, and a total of approximately 30 million pieces of information were leaked.

The person indicted is Masahiro Kageyama (63), a temporary employee of NTT Business Solutions, a subsidiary of NTT West.

According to the indictment and other documents, in January last year, the defendant downloaded file data containing information on approximately 32,700 customers of companies in Okayama prefecture from the company's server, copied it, and sent it to a directory agency in Tokyo. He is accused of violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Act for leaking the information.

According to the prosecutor's office, the defendant has admitted to the charges.

The defendant is believed to have illegally taken out approximately 9.28 million pieces of personal information owned by 69 local governments and companies, and according to investigators, the total number of leaked pieces of information was approximately 3,000, as the information was sold to multiple listing companies. This means that there are 10,000 cases.

The defendant illegally accessed the company's servers more than 200 times, and received approximately 24 million yen in compensation.

Regarding the investigation so far, the police have said, ``I started leaking the information to a list agency because I borrowed money from a consumer loan to pay for the purchase of a foreign car and for living expenses. It is said that he made statements such as, ``I guessed it.''