China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 21 (Chang Xinyu and Hao Lingyu) "Little Snow Group" is the nickname of the "14th Winter" volunteers. More than 2,000 "Little Snow Group" from universities in various competition areas are escorting this ice and snow event. As the "Fourteenth Winter" schedule progresses, the athletes' competitive performances on the field are brilliant, and the "Little Snow Group" off the field are also fruitful in their volunteer services.

  "Every time I meet Sister Taozi, she talks to me about daily life." Wang Zihao, a "Xiao Xue Tuan" from Zhalantun Vocational College, is responsible for flight reception and hotel services for athletes during the "14th Winter". The night before Olympic champion Xu Mengtao arrived in the competition area, Wang Zihao received the task of picking Xu Mengtao up at the airport. After arriving at the hotel, Wang Zihao helped Xu Mengtao carry his suitcase while mustering up the courage to express his love as a fan to his "idol". Xu Mengtao took out an autobiography from her bag, signed her name on the title page and gave it to him.

  Wang Zihao said that although he can see Xu Mengtao every day in his work area, as a member of the "Xiao Xue Tuan", he will restrain his thoughts of "chasing stars" and not disturb the athletes' preparations and rest. Xu Mengtao has already remembered this sincere and dedicated boy and would say hello every time she met him.

On December 21, 2023, Winter Olympic champion Xu Mengtao, Wang Zihao and other "Little Snow Group" took a group photo in the Zhalantun competition area. Photo provided by interviewee

  Wang Lin is the "beautiful academic master" in the mouth of the "Xiao Xue Tuan". She served as the guide at the opening ceremony of the "14th Winter" and is already a "quasi-doctor" in the Poplar Class of International Communication at Communication University of China. After the opening ceremony, Wang Lin used her professional advantages to produce content for multiple Communist Youth League new media accounts. Want to choose a topic, make a scene, edit a video...Wang Lin joked that she was a "blogger" during the "14th Winter".

  When talking about future academic directions and career plans, Wang Lin said that the "14th Winter" is not only a good window for external communication, but also a platform for herself to practice her professional skills. The time during the "Fourteenth Winter" also gave her a deeper understanding of the "roses given to others, the lingering fragrance in the hands" of volunteer service.

On the 18th, Wang Lin was promoting and shooting content for "Fourteenth Winter". Photo provided by interviewee

  "As a volunteer who has participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics, I want to add some color to my winter sports volunteering experience." Wu Mingyu is a third-year graduate student at Beijing Foreign Studies University. At the Beijing Winter Olympics two years ago, Wu Mingyu was the team assistant of the British delegation. This time he was responsible for the service guarantee of the main media center during the "14th Winter". He rushed from Beijing to Hulunbuir, once again practicing the "more unity" in the Olympic motto.

  In the Winter Games, each "little snow group" has its own story in this ice and snow event, and also meets a better version of itself in volunteer service. (over)