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Film scene from “Dune: Part 2”: Filming at 110 degrees Fahrenheit

Photo: Niko Tavernise / Warner Bros. Pictures

US actor Austin Butler, 32, said he had to struggle with extreme heat during his first week of filming the film “Dune: Part 2”. "It was like being in a microwave," the 32-year-old, who plays the bald villain Feyd-Rautha in the second part of Denis Villeneuve's science fiction spectacle, told the US magazine "Entertainment Weekly." "There have been people who have fainted from heat stroke."

Temperatures at the filming location were 110 degrees Fahrenheit (approx. 43 degrees Celsius), Butler reported. He wore a bald cap during filming. The “Dune” films were shot in a Jordanian desert and in Abu Dhabi, among other places.

Director Villeneuve also spoke of a “very physically demanding” shoot under “very tough conditions”. "My first thought was to shoot both films back to back, but now I think I would have died." The positive reaction to the first part was also "a boost of positive energy for him to go back into the desert." been.

“Dune: Part 2” hits German cinemas on February 29th. The world premiere took place on February 15th in a cinema in London's Leicester Square. The actress Zendaya made a special impression on the red carpet in front of the film theater: She wore a silver cyborg suit to the premiere that Thierry Mugler had designed for the 1995 winter collection.

When the film was introduced to Korean audiences on Wednesday, Zendaya was once again the center of attention. This time the 27-year-old appeared in a partner look with her colleague Timothée Chalamet, 28. Both wore jumpsuits with wide belts, Zendaya in a pastel shade, Chalamet in silver.