At the Yokosuka base of the U.S. Navy in Kanagawa Prefecture, a type of organic fluorine compound (PFAS), which has been pointed out to be toxic, was detected at high concentrations, and the mayor of Yokosuka said that the information provided by the U.S. side was insufficient. I made a request to the Minister of Defense for improvements.

At the U.S. Navy Yokosuka Base, PFOS and PFOA, two types of organic fluorine compounds (PFAS) that have been pointed out to be harmful, were detected in wastewater at concentrations up to 258 times higher than the national guidelines.

The American side installed filters that have the effect of adsorbing PFAS, and initially notified the city of the PFAS concentration, but according to the city, they stopped providing information in January of last year, and in December of last year. The Ministry of Defense explained that ``the filter operation has been stopped because the concentration has stabilized.''

Regarding the U.S. response, Mayor Kamichi visited the Ministry of Defense on the 20th and handed Minister Kihara a request for prompt information and an on-site investigation of the city.

Mayor Kamichi said, ``I cannot accept the fact that the filters have stopped operating without any investigation into the cause or information being provided,'' to which Minister Kihara replied, ``We would like to respond while maintaining close communication.'' I responded.

After this, Mayor Kamichi said, ``I want the government to coordinate more closely with the American side.''