At Fujikawa Tenjin, a shrine in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which is known as a famous spot for plum blossoms, the Garyu plums, which are designated as a national natural monument, are in full bloom, about two weeks earlier than usual. Masu.

Approximately 300 plum trees are planted in Fujikawa Tenjin, and 55 of these are designated as national natural monuments as ``Garyu plums,'' whose trunks and branches look like dragons crawling through the earth. Masu.

As the tree grows, its branches fall in all directions, and roots re-emerge from where they touch the ground to form a new stock, and it is said to be over 1,100 years old.

Due to the many warm days this winter, the flowers started blooming around the 10th of this month, about two weeks earlier than usual, and are now almost in full bloom.

Visitors strolled along the fragrant approach, taking photos of the pale pink double-blooming flowers. A man who comes every year said, ``When I walk past the plum grove, I can smell the plum blossoms and it's very nice.''

The best time to see plum blossoms will last until the end of this month.