Ahead of the Peach Festival, an art museum in Tatsuno Town, Nagano Prefecture is holding an exhibition of unique hina dolls and other items.

This Hina Doll Exhibition is being held at the Tatsuno Museum of Art, and features exhibits such

as a 10-tier Hina platform with approximately 100 dolls, and

``Changebina'' that represent events and people that have become a hot topic in the world. .

Inside the changing door

is a reenactment of the scene in which pitcher Shohei Otani strikes out the last batter in the final game of baseball's WBC = World Baseball Classic held last year.

In honor of this year's zodiac sign ``Tatsu,'' there is also

an exhibit depicting shogi player Sota Fujii Hakkan in a match against the Ryuo.

In addition, about 300 dolls made from origami by nursery school children in the town are also on display at the venue.

A woman who came to see the Hina dolls said, ``I look forward to seeing the Hina dolls, so I go to the museum every year around this time.''

Shu Kawashima, curator of the Tatsuno Museum of Art, said, ``I hope people will feel an early spring by looking at the popular people and the oddballs associated with this year's zodiac sign, Tatsu.''

This exhibition is open until the 3rd of next month.